Horse Isle 3 Hints

Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds is most definitely not my game, but I am a beta tester for it and already love to play.   HI3 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and is practically tailor made for me!

HI3 is a nearly infinite world, fully 3-D rendered, and is centered on exploring a vast new land, building an awesome ranch, joining a club, catching wild horses, breeding them, and much more.  Since musical instruments exist, you can even form a band!  I’d love to see a bunch of bagpipers play in-game.  How infinite is the map?  Well, it’s one MILLION kilometers across.  That’s like walking around the Earth twenty-five times.  Since you can teleport to anywhere you’ve already been (and have saved the location of) you can get around pretty well, and there’s literally always something to explore and something new to see.  Please see below for my ever growing guide, as well as more remarks about the game.

Horse Isle is now LIVE!  It will work on Windows 64 and 32 bit, Mac, and Linux.

Guide: Getting Started

Guide: Ranches

Ranch Updates

Guide: Catching Horses

Guide: Making Money

Guide: Making Tack

Guide: Club Basics

At this time the world is far from finished, and though it may look a little less detailed and polished than some MMOs, keep in mind how happy spot 2.PNGhuge the map is.  There are plans to improve textures, add more things like small animals and weather, and vastly increase the things players can do.


First of all, there are plenty of horses.  Draft horses, ponies, riding horses, minis, and breeds you’ve never heard of.  As you travel you will find singletons, pairs, and even small herds.  Unlike in previous Horse Isle versions, a wild horse will look pretty much the same as it will when you own it.  So you can look from afar, decide whether or not you want to catch a horse, and just ride on if its not your type.  I really love that aspect of things.  They are all unique too, as they are randomly generated, and so you’ll never find two horses perfectly alike – not even twins!

Another part of the game that I truly enjoy is that you will almost never find a purebred horse in the wild.  You can find coldbloods, warmbloods, grades, that kind of thing, but usually the only purebred horses are the ones you special order.  However, it’s possible to create various breeds by paying attention to their genetics, and the various horse colors are determined by the most realistic genetics system I’ve ever seen or heard of.  That’s great for avid breeders, though things are still pretty simple for the novice.  Basically it’s as simple or complex as you want it to be.

The horses behave in a pretty realistic way.  You’ll see ear pinning and swiveling, horses looking at you, tossing their head, resting a leg, grazing, etc.  They generally stay where put, but plans are in the works to have wild horses wander off after a while, rather than the way it is now where they run only when chased.

Other things to do

You can gather all kinds of items from the different areas of the world and make things with them.   If you want tack for your horse, for example, you either need to gather the things to make it, or buy the tack from another player.   There is so much space that nobody need feel crowded, yet there are plenty of places to go and interact with people if you want to.  This world is what you make of it and I really love that.

You can also explore something like 25 different biomes.  You can gather materials and build a huge ranch.  You can also work with others and build club towns.  You can build massive competition courses across all kinds of terrain and run those, or compete in them.  You can also do minigames that are scattered throughout the world, like word scrambles, color sorting, rock stacking, and such.  You can also grow food, make horse treats and feed, and use them or sell them to other players.  You can group with other players and do ride alongs, have water balloon fights, and even deliver the mail!  In the future there will be quests to complete and plans are in the works to have massive cave systems to explore, as well as diving and skiing.

Back to the horses

No two horses are alike.  They all have different personalities that affect how they interact with you, how fast they are, how hard they pull, how brave or skittish they are, and more.  All sizes of horse can be found, too, and there are pretty much infinite color variations.  For example, if you need a brave pony for crossing ice, you can find one, or if you need a nice fast racehorse for crossing ground quickly you can find one.Below I have placed pictures of Ravenwing, my prize Thoroughbred mare who can run nearly twenty miles an hour,  and FeatherFoot, my 21 hand Shire cross who isn’t so fast but can plow through snowdrifts like a champ.  Both have great bravery scores so they don’t spook too badly unless you try to ride them off a cliff or into water.







It’s pretty easy to see how slender and racer-like Ravenwing is, and how massive FeatherFoot is.   I enjoy them both.  They need daily care – feeding, watering, grooming and petting.  They both enjoy treats but like different ones.  I can ride with them, jump them, enter competitions.  I bred FeatherFoot by crossing her mother with a huge stallion someone was offering up for stud, and she’s a big girl but steady, good for riding through heavy snowdrifts.  She pulls like a champ, too.

Here are some basic tips for beginners:

Collect glowing balls (essence) as much as you can.  Here is what they look like, and there’s a different type for each Biome.

You can use them to trade for equipment, like a grooming brush, lasso, torch, and even things like a kayak and musical instruments.

The first thing you should probably get is a lasso, so you can catch a wild horse, and after that it’s a good idea to get a grooming brush.   Both are pretty cheap.

You don’t need to buy buckets at first because you can just Place your horse in shallow water and they’ll drink, and Place them in a grassy area to graze.

Travel: Don’t try to get more than one horse at first, it’ll just be frustrating.  Do what you can to either make or buy tack, look for it at player shops before you build a ranch.  You can ride bareback, by the way, but you’ll fall off a lot.  Luckily, just walking isn’t that slow, and you can also swim, even across oceans.

The Beginner Bird guide has a lot of good hints so take the time to read them.

Feeding/Watering Horses: If you want to bring along water for your horses without buying a bunch of buckets, pick coconuts – they can drink from those and also are fed a certain amount from them.  It’s a lot cheaper than using the Ostler’s service in the towns.

Even though it’s tempting, don’t be in a hurry to buy a ranch.  Take your time Traveling to different areas of the world.  A good way to do that is to use Quick Travel to go to where different Clubs are, that way you can see all kinds of places.   Then when you have a lot of Essence saved up, and know some good places to cut wood and gather stone, you can pick the perfect parcel – by the way, you get a whole hectare for each parcel!    Nobody else can gather in or around your Ranch, which is nice if you want to keep it looking pristine.

Building Materials: If you want a faster way to gather stones, find a beach with a bunch of rocks on it, and slowly ride your horse across it while hitting E repeatedly.  This will automatically gather things that are near you, and you can gather stones surprisingly fast.  The same tip works great if you are riding through a thick forest.  I really like forests of Lodgepole Pines for this, though palm trees on beaches are good for it too.  Both use up less energy when cutting them down.  You are able to carry 500 of each to start with.

Curious about the Biomes?  Here is a list of them.  They are all unique and very cool.  This list is copied from the above mentioned site and is probably not complete.  If you join the game, you can get lists of all the plants to be found by reading the help files or checking out a library in one of the Clubs.

Biome: DECAY
Climate: Cold, Arid
Sub-biomes: Tar Pits, Fumarole Mountains, Dark Decay Spires

Climate: Cold, Semi-Arid
Sub-biomes: Pink salt pools, Mauve Saltlands

Climate: Cold, moderate
Sub-biomes: Moraines

Biome: SNOW
Climate: Cold, humid
Sub-biomes: Snowy Mountains, Snow Ghosts, Winter Wonderland

Biome: ICE
Climate: Cold, wet
Sub-biomes: Ice Spires, Spiral Mountains

Climate: Cool, Arid
Sub-biomes: Fire and Ice, Dragon Grass

Biome: MESA
Climate: Cool, Semi-Arid
Sub-biomes: High, fertile Valleys.

Biome: TAIGA
Climate: Cool, moderate
Sub-biomes: Red Larch Forests, Taiga Marshes

Climate: Cool, Humid
Flora: *Fir Trees, *Flax, *Liatris Flowers, Bristlecone Pine

Climate: Cool, Wet
Sub-biomes: Forests, Cliffs

Climate: Temperate, Arid

Climate: Temperate, Semi-Arid
Sub-biomes: Flat Shorelines, Canyonlands

Climate: Temperate, Moderate
Sub-biomes: Dry River Beds

Climate: Temperate, Humid (downright foggy!)
Sub-biomes: Rusty River Cliffs (pretty hard to climb!), Dark Drumlins, Ancient Gravestones

Climate: Temperate, Wet
Sub-biomes: Lavender Shores, Sitka Rain Forest, Driftwood Shores

Climate: Warm, Arid
Sub-biomes: Gravel Beaches, Hills, Saguaro Forests

Climate: Warm, Semi-Arid
Sub-biomes: Chocolate Mountains

Climate: Warm, Moderate
Sub-biomes: Mountains, Magical Forest

Climate: Warm, Humid
Sub-biomes: Bamboo Groves, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Beaver-chewed stumps

Biome: SWAMP
Climate: Warm, Wet
Sub-biomes: Turtle Mountains

Climate: Hot, Arid
Sub-biomes: Fertile Oases (both true and false!)

Climate: Hot, semi-arid
Sub-biomes: Inland Seas, Tide Pools

Climate: Hot, Moderate
Sub-biomes: Candy Mountains

Climate: Hot, Humid
Sub-biomes: Deep Jungle, Open Jungle

Climate: Hot, Wet
Sub-biomes: Geysers (Hot Springs), Volcanos (rare!)

Biome: ATOLL
Climate: Hot, Moderate?
This particular Biome is one that doesn’t show on the list, but out in the middle of the ocean you can sometimes find beautiful atolls with white, sandy beaches, palm trees, and hills.  There are different kinds of seaweed to be found and it’s quite beautiful.  Here’s a picture.


DawnLarchLavender PoolMesas