Creativity is an adventure.

Each day we have a choice: we can do worse than the day before, we can stay the same, or we can do better. MIndflight is about improving your life and your creative work, and having fun doing it!

You’ll great tips for artists of all kinds, tips about health, interesting stories, easy and tasty recipes,  old fashioned skills, photography, and a few surprises.  Mindflight also features great artists and authors.  If you have work you want to share, leave a message and you may be featured!

Check out my books and stories if you wish, or some good links, if you wish, you’ll find something you like!  Comments are welcome on any post.  If you have a great resource to share, don’t be shy.  If it’s free and helpful to artists or writers, I’ll add it to the links list.

If you are interested in Self Publishing, here is a page full of articles and free tips!

Inspiration.  Development.  Empowerment.

A home for artists of word and line.

Together we soar.




New book!


self-publishing-cover-2-900Self Publishing Made Easy

Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book Without Breaking the Bank

Collected information on every phase of the publishing process.  Includes bonus content about how to make your website pay, handy checklists, low cost services, free promotion, and more!




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16 thoughts on “Home

        1. Yes, that would! Many cultures do just that. I think we’ve gotten away from it in our rather disposable world, but it wasn’t just indigenous cultures who loved art in their mundane items. I can think of many examples of intentional beauty in the ordinary. Hm. This sounds like an article, not a comment… be right back…

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