Best Posts

A collection of some of the most useful posts from the Mindflight Blog


Spicing Up Your Workout – beat fitness boredom with new and odd exercise ideas.

Inktober Roundup – 31 days of ink drawings

The power of routine – how to beat bad habits and help yourself by changing routines

13 ways to recharge your writing batteries – what do you do when you’re out of juice?

Success – step by step – tips for those who want to become successful

Your defense against snake oil – how to avoid being scammed by con artists

The class every artist should take – the realities of being an artist

What does courage really mean – thoughts on bravery, and how to develop it

3 Root causes behind food cravings and how to beat them – what it sounds like!

Adventures with Etsy – did you ever want to start an Etsy store?

Transgender Truth – what does it really mean to be transgendered?

Better posture for a better life – there’s more to sitting up straight than you might think.

Herbal preparation methods – a helpful guide for beginning herbalists.

How to win at losing weight – there’s hope for everyone.