A Novel

  Before the fateful phone call, Daphne’s greatest worries were limited to making rent, making art, and what to feed her finicky Siamese.

During an otherwise unremarkable shift, a particularly hateful voice coming through her phone line unleashes shadowy horrors that threaten her sanity, her workplace, and eventually her entire city.

Daphne and two unlikely companions, a tattooed metalhead and a ditzy nurse, must find a way to free themselves from the curse or face a world of endless fear, blinding fog and deadly phantoms!





Dice of Fate cover image

The Dice of Fate

A Novel

What would you do if you were pulled from your ordinary life and had to survive by the knowledge in your head, and what you take with you to work?

It’s another average day working the phones in the call center, and Sanae is prepared for another long day of nothing interesting happening.

When she suddenly finds herself stranded in the middle of a mysterious forest, far away from everything and everyone she knows, she has no choice but to explore the new land and meet whatever strange creatures might dwell there.

Surviving with only the things she brought to work with her that morning and having no idea how to speak the local language, Sanae tackles her challenges with vigor. For each answer she finds, there are new questions. What brought her here? Will she ever return? And if she could, would she want to go? One thing is certain, Sanae will never be the same.

250 pages, black and white illustrations, suitable for all audiences.

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Self Publishing Made Easy

Collected information on how to write, publish, and promote a book.  Includes bonus information about how to make your website pay, handy checklists, low costs services, free promotion, and more!


How to P!ss off The Customers

a little book of bad advice

“How to P!iss off the customers” is a light hearted book of “advice” for anyone who works in customer service, from reps to supervisors. The author has more than ten years customer service in the field and has seen it all, in both tech support and pharmacy settings.

This book will show you the finer points of poor communication, rudeness on the phone, how to hang up on someone without being caught, how to ruin a meeting, and how to mispronounce a wide range of medications and technical terms.

Let the crazy characters of PegCo demonstrate how to win the Worst Employee of the Year Award, all without getting fired!



Gateway Drug

a Short Story

When the meth addicts next door show signs of being affected by a supernatural force, Rowan becomes concerned. She’s a practicing Witch who’s majoring in Medieval History.   This is something more horrifying than she has ever encountered before.

The stakes are quickly raised when Rowan’s best friend also falls victim. It is up to Rowan to unravel the dark mysteries surrounding these events in order to rescue her friend.


wings-and-scales-book-cover-1500 Wings and Scales

A Coloring Book

Fly, tunnel, swim and roar with dragons of land, sea, jungle and sky. This adult coloring book has 30 full sized, entirely original black and white illustrations, perfect for coloring. Perfect for colored pencils, markers, and crayons.  Soft cover.  Suitable for all ages.



Yuletide Lights

By Lenore Plassman

Edited by Rohvannyn Shaw

With stories by Rohvannyn Shaw and Dave Plassman, Illustrated by Rohvannyn Shaw

15 stories of the holiday season, filled with warmth, love, and heartwarming devotion to Life in all its forms.  Each tale was originally a family gift, distributed at each Yuletide.  Now they are compiled into a single illustrated volume.



Sunset Reflections

A book of Poetry

Sunset Reflections is a book of poetry by Lenore Plassman and illustrated by Rohvannyn Shaw. Lenore is a gardener, an animal lover, an artist with the written word, and a noticer of all things beautiful.

Each poem is paired with a black and white illustration that evokes the mood of the piece.  An invitation to contemplation and appreciation of the natural world.




Purple Dragon 4 brightened

Quests of the Avatar:

Seeking virtue in the Modern World

In this book, I invite the reader into a great adventure specially designed for gamers and lovers of fantasy. Quests of the Avatar describes a system of virtue I found in a rather unlikely place – a roleplaying game, actually the first one I ever played!

I’ve been greatly inspired by the ideas and concepts in that game. Not only did I find them intriguing, but also different enough to have true, lasting value.

I understand you may not want to spend fifty hours playing an 8 bit NES!  I wanted to share these ideas anyway, so that’s why I wrote this book.

The premise is simple.  In the modern era, it often seems virtue is forgotten, particularly for those who are non religious, as I am. Everyone knows that it’s better to be brave, truthful, compassionate, etc, but isn’t it nice to have a coherent path to build those ethical muscles and improve yourself? Without being told you’re a sinner? How about simply growing from your starting point, without guilt or judgment, using a system to keep everything organized, and have some fun while doing it?

I mean this to be a journey deep into your Self. It’s a system of ethics and morality that is utterly without stodginess, but could help develop a well rounded personality. At the same time, the system can help in re-framing how you see and think about virtue in a way that is fresh and hopefully thought provoking.

This Ebook is an offering to everyone out there who is seeking a better life, and that’s why I’ve made it available, completely free of charge. If you like it, please share a link to my blog!

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