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headshot-900I paint and draw and illustrate stories. I also write novels, short stories, and poetry. I work as a knowledge expert at a mail order pharmacy when not making art, writing, or building websites.  I also edit novels, short stories and non fiction books in my spare time.  My partner of 13 years helps in this venture.

I love reading, writing letters with my beloved fountain pen, role-playing, baking,  watching good anime, finding new ways to amuse my calico, and pursuing sanity in a world that is apparently in the depths of Heinlein’s “Crazy Years.” I also enjoy listening to music on walks or driving to work.  My favorite is symphonic and power metal, though I also like Scottish, Irish and Canadian Maritime folk music, as well as classic rock.  Basically, music with passion, or at least range and striking power.

I am non religious but the stars inspire me. They are so vast, just the thought that when I look up at the night sky I am also looking millions of years back through time, the thought of standing on this little blue spinning marble out in the sea of the universe reminds me of who I am and what is truly important in life.



Mouse Dec 14 smallI’m the site mascot, and my name is Nezumi.  That means “Mouse” in Japanese.  I help with quality control, supervision, and preventing writer overload.  I do this by sitting on the keyboard so Mom can’t type.

I started out life as a fluffy little waif who didn’t have a home.  You can read my story here.

I’m now Queen of the House.  I enjoy Romaine lettuce, stealing seats just as people get up, and lying in sunbeams.


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