About Rohvannyn

Hello, I’m Rohvannyn, and this is my media empire website.  If you are interested in seeing my personal art site, head on over to rohvannynshaw.com.

headshot-900I paint and draw and illustrate stories. I also write novels and short stories. When not making art, writing, or building websites, I lead an intrepid team of medical claims analysts for a major health insurance provider.   It’s a career I truly love and enjoy.

When not doing those things, I enjoy reading, writing letters with my beloved fountain pen, role-playing, baking,  grilling, watching good anime, finding new ways to amuse my calico, and pursuing sanity in a world that is apparently in the depths of Heinlein’s “Crazy Years.” I also enjoy listening to music on walks or while driving to work.  My favorite is symphonic and power metal, though I also like Scottish, Irish and Canadian Maritime folk music, as well as classic rock.  Basically, I like music with passion, or at least range and striking power.  My favorite things to smell are mesquite flowers and ponderosa pine in the springtime, a cotton-candy like aroma that makes me open the windows and inhale that balmy breeze with all my might, every single time.

I’ve been with my partner for fourteen years, give or take, and we have two cats together.  Both have their bios below.  One has been with us since kittenhood and the other has only been with us since late 2017, but they are both very much well loved.  We live in a house in a Dry Place and spend time grilling and fiddling with the swimming pool.

If you still want to know more about me, I am non religious but the stars are completely inspiring. They are so vast.   When I am looking up at the night sky I often consider that I am also looking millions of years back through time, and the thought of standing on this little blue spinning marble out in the vast ocean of night reminds me of who I am and what is truly important in life.


Mouse Dec 14 smallI’m the site mascot, and my name is Nezumi.  That means “Mouse” in Japanese.  I help with quality control, supervision, and preventing writer overload.  I once did this by sitting on the keyboard so Mom couldn’t type.

I started out life as a fluffy little waif who didn’t have a home.  You can read my story here.

As of July 9th, 2019 I passed from the mortal realm in the arms of my family, who tell me every day that they miss me.  Because of this I have been enshrined as the Eternal Mascot.


Um, I’m the site mascot’s assistant, and my name is Shinji.  I used to be called something else but when I turned 15 I was adopted by Roh and her partner, and I liked that name, so I started answering to it..  Um, I like eating everything except for that strange green stuff, and catnip, and hogging the bed, and being petted.


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