A Wish For Tree-Caves

In my backyard, there is an olive tree.  Half dead, the live portion is supported by the barkless portion and enjoys luxuriant growth.  In the base there are holes where lizards live.  It looks like such an interesting place to explore if I were tiny.


olive base 1000

The rock lizards live here, and breed, and come out to eat bugs and do pushups in silly looking displays of dominance.  If I could be tiny, it would be an amazing place to explore.  I’d need ropes and a helmet for these fascinating caves, though.

olive base 2 1000

Yet, were I tiny, I’d also have to be careful.  Those lizards would be strong, like dragons of yore…

olive base 4 1000

After all, what if I encountered something like this when I was only three inches tall?










Quail kerfluffle captured in a blur

Some quail visited my parking lot yesterday, drawn by gray weather and plenty of things to eat.  They were temporarily driven off by a local  hawk who cruised by, but soon returned. The last photo was posted yesterday in “City Wildlife.”

Hey!  Quit it!
Tasty stuff under this truck for sure.
If I’m under these bushes, you can’t see me, right?
Immature and mature Gambel’s quail

via Daily Prompt: Blur


City wildlife – against the odds

I live in a fairly large city in the middle of a desert.  A person might think there wouldn’t be many animals around, right?


Think again…

I hear owls, coyotes, coy-wolves, mockingbirds, grackles.  I see hummingbirds, hawks, pigeons, falcons, doves, quail, lizards of several kinds, butterflies, rabbits, and many other things.

Here are pictures of some of them.  Apologies if the quality is poor but many of these are done at extreme zoom using a Nikon Coolpix 8300.  A fun camera but without many of the fancy features other cameras have!

Quail in my parking lot


Hawk on the power pole
Dove in the olive tree
Male grackle, grackling up a storm
Dried cicada at the end of the season
Big lizard on the acacia