Our Webmistress is growing up…

…and discovering a passion for hockey.  Nishiko and her brother Hiroshi are nine weeks old as of yesterday and they are rambunctious and full of play.  I hope you enjoy these various kitten photos.  At the end we even have two videos!

nishiko perfection 1500
Nishiko knows all about staying hydrated.
Nishiko near window 1500
Here she is near the window
nap with brother 1800
Brother’s asleep and Nishiko’s full of mischief
Senpai instructs 1600
Uncle Shinji instructs his two padawans
Happy cat family at 9 weeks
Uncle Shinji keeps Hiroshi in line and entertains Nishiko with his tail.

And now for the two videos – I hope you enjoy.


Webmistress Update – They’re He-ere!

Two lovely and rambunctious kittens have now made it to their new home.  Our wonderful little calico webmistress, Nishiko, already rules the roost with her brother and also my older cat, Shinji.  They are settling in well but have a LOT of energy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way but I confess, sometimes I’m exhausted.  Here are picture of them at 8 weeks – taken during the few seconds they held still.


kitten serious face june 7 2000
Kitten royalty – such serious faces!
kittens sleeping june 7 2000
Sleeping – for now
perfect kittens june 7 2000
Big brother and little Webmistress

Greetings from paradise! — Chronicles from Concordia


Dr. Stijn Thoolen is the ESA-sponsored medical doctor spending 12 months at Concordia research station in Antarctica. He facilitates a number of experiments on the effects of isolation, light deprivation, and extreme temperatures on the human body and mind. Find this blog post in the original Dutch below. Concordia, April 7, 2020Sunlight: about 10 hoursWindchill…

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“A little pile of love and paws”

…or so a friend of mine called the picture of the kittens in the basket.

Here are the latest pictures of our webmistress, Nishiko, and her protective brother, Hiroshi.  They are getting nearer to adoption age!  Their current two-legged guardian tells me that they play together a lot, so I’m very happy I’ll be able to take them home together.  As a reminder to all other kitten guardians, I’ll be having Hiroshi fixed before he reaches four months – probably at about the three month mark.  I’ve heard of females going into first heat as early as four months so I’m being extra careful.

As of Monday, they were six weeks old!  They are using the litter box, have been weaned for a couple of weeks, and are roughhousing with their mother and each other.

Enjoy the pictures!

week 6 cropped
Hiroshi is the gray, Nishiko the calico
Week 6 Hiroshi and Nishiko
Hiroshi makes a great pillow, says Nishiko


Meet the Experts: Isolation in Antarctica — Chronicles from Concordia

Cold, dark, remote, Antarctica is as close to space as you can get on Earth. Humans conduct research in Antarctic bases on a wide range of topics, from climate studies and astronomy to glaciology and human physiology and psychology. Dr. Stijn Thoolen, the ESA-sponsored research doctor based at the French/Italian Concordia research station in Antarctica,…

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Horse Isle 3 – Travel in Ice and Snow

Large areas of the Infinite Wilds are frozen over, and this kind of travel has its own challenges. There are various strategies and equipment you can use to help deal with these, with a varying degree of success. Different horses are needed for these different landscapes, too.


Snow slows you down tremendously, and it can be hard to climb the slippery hills.  Snow fields can also be quite vast so you may be a while crossing them.  Also, the landscapes are quite beautiful and not to be missed!


Snowshoes can be purchased with Essence and they equip automatically. They make the terrain less slippery and boost your walking speed. They are really helpful if you want to complete a puzzle or quiz post that’s located on a slope.


Skis can also be purchased with Essence and they are great for cross country skiing, giving something of a speed boost, but they truly shine if you have to go downhill. You can reach some pretty respectable speeds!   Steering works better when you use the mouse as well.  The shortcut is =,

Horse Types

For snow, it’s best to have large horses, preferably with big feet, who are good in Speed, Strength, and Bravery. Shires, Shire Sport Horses, other similar drafts, and various flavors of Grade Draft are all good for this. A lighter horse that is still relatively tall, strong fast and brave, can do pretty well too.

Ice Crusts

Ice Crusts are very slick and can be difficult to travel on. Your snowshoes don’t work here and horses get hurt easily on the sharp ice.


Skates can’t be used here – and wagons or carts can but it’s a pain to deal with all the ridges and bumps.  Walking or riding is your best bet.  Or maybe a balloon?

Horse Types

I’ve had really good luck with my Hunter Thoroughbred on ice crusts. I think any good runner-jumpers would do well. Horses who are brave and agile do well here, and speed never hurts. I highly recommend getting a Salus Amulet or at the very least, a preventive vet exam.

Ice Sheets

The majority of ice you see will be in sheet form, over the oceans. Horses don’t like this area because it easily frightens them – I don’t blame them! Nobody likes the chance of a cold bath.  However, there are multiple ways of dealing with it.


Skis work here, though not very well.  You can also just run, but who wants to do that?   This is where the Ice Skates truly shine. You can use them with alternating key strokes, much like a Kayak, though if you just press Forward you will still make progress, albeit more slowly.  You can also use Pony Carts, Horse Carts, and Chariots, though the ice still cracks under horses from time to time.  Shortcut is ~.

Horse Types

The ideal horse for ice travel is strong, fast, brave, and light. Of course, light horses don’t tend to be as strong, so there’s a balance that must be struck. Strong ponies tend to have a broad chest along with their other attributes. Some people breed miniature ponies with draft breeds to boost the strengh of the resulting foal – this can be tricky but it can work. There are also various breeds that are designed more for ice draft work. Also, the horses of the Decay Biome tend to be tiny and some of them are strong.

Broken Ice

Broken up ice sheets floating on a sea, too spread about to walk across. This situation can be a pain. You pretty much have to either swim slowly through it or sometimes you can use a kayak. Luckily it just borders major ice sheets so you won’t have to endure long stretches of it.


Not a player yet?  Interested in joining? 

Click  HERE or go to the HI3 site and put in my user ID, 1023.   Whenever you buy your first subscription, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Esroh Essence (good for more energy) and 1000 gold dust to help you along!

If you like cats, sci fi, and games…

…you’ll love Felisfire!

It’s a browser-based game where you can raise and breed several interesting breeds of xenofelinoid, most of which also have wings, on a far off planet in the future.  It’s a lot of fun seeing what kinds of markings you can put together for different looks, and you both have the ability to create custom cats but also breed existing ones together to see what happens.

The story is interesting and rich, the community warm and welcoming, and there are also other things you can do like explore the planet, play games, add different accessories to your cats for unique looks, and more.  Felisfire is coming out of Beta and there are more features being rolled out all the time.

One of the things I enjoy about Felisfire is that it is run by a small group of dedicated people, not a major media corporation.  This makes the moderators and staff very approachable and available if you want to talk to them.  The more I play online, the more I come to prefer games that aren’t owned by huge corporations  because I like to be treated like a person, not a cash cow.  FelisFire definitely treats you like a person.  It also doesn’t force you to be super involved every day, though you do get bonuses for consecutive logins.  You can play a little, or a lot, as you like, which is a real must for me.

If you’d like to try designing a cat and see some of the available breeds, check out this link:

Xenofelinoid Designer

If you’d like to get a free ticket for the next colony transport, feel free to use my User ID when joining, and afterwards contact me for help if you have any questions.  I might even decide to throw in a welcome gift or two.  My ID is 242, or you can click on the button below. 

See you on Planet Felisfire!

Here are some of my kitty designs so you can get an idea of the art style:

contest entryWater Kittehfelisfire5felisfire8felisfire7felisfire3felisfire4felisfire6felisfire9felisfire10felisfire1

Goodbye Earth, goodbye Sun — Chronicles from Concordia


Dr. Stijn Thoolen is the ESA-sponsored medical doctor spending 12 months at Concordia research station in Antarctica. He facilitates a number of experiments on the effects of isolation, light deprivation, and extreme temperatures on the human body and mind. Find this blog post in the original Dutch below. Concordia, February 7, 2020Sunlight: 24 hours (but…

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Webmistress Report – 4 weeks old!

She’s turning into a real beauty, even if her ears stick out to the side in a rather amusing fashion.  And it ‘s nice to finally see her cute face!  She’s got that lovely little fluff of orange hair just like a cute little redhaired girl.  We’re likely to call her Nishiko.

I’m still itching to meet her but have a month (at the very least) to wait.  Latest reports say that she’s running around and swatting her siblings and learning to play.

Calico 5-12-20

Here are the previous entries:

3 days old

9 days old

3 weeks old

Donation e-cards for Mother’s Day

I was a bit at a loss regarding what to do for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  She may be moving in a couple years so doesn’t need more junk.  Also my shopping options are a bit more limited for obvious reasons.  So I decided to send her an e-Card.

I found that my local Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, had lovely e-Cards that could be filled out with a custom donation amount.  So I donated in her name and sent her that.

Not only are a lot of charities really hurting in this time, but different people may have challenges in getting presents or cards for the moms in their lives, so this seems like a perfect solution!  It helps someone, it brightens someones day, and in my case, it might help save a life!

You can look up “Charity e-cards” online or perhaps “Charity e-cards” plus a category like “pets” or “humane society” or “women” or something like that to narrow down the results.

Best of all, it doesn’t rely on shipping speeds or have to be handled by a person!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!