Horse Isle 3 – Ocean Creatures!

There has been another big update on Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds. They have brought ocean life to the vast oceans and seas, and there are also now elephants wandering the Savannah biomes! They swim around, and you can get pretty close to them.

Imagine my delight when I found THREE blue whales hanging around my ranch atoll. Of course I kayaked out to meet them. They dove, surfaced, flapped their flukes, and a couple of times opened their mouths at me.

Here is a full list of what has been introduced and where:

+ Blue Whales, Giant Squids (Rare) – Deep Oceans
+ Great Whites, Sword Fish – Temperate oceans.
+ Dolphins, Dugongs, Mola Molas (Rare), Sea Turtles, Hammerheads, and Manta Rays – Warmer oceans.

There is another very special ocean creature that was added January 2021. A sea horse! It carries you through the water at walking speed. You need to use the Diving Bell first, and then activate using the % key. Once mounted, you can climb by using the jump button (Spacebar) and dive by using the crouch button (C). It’s great for exploring underwater! It also costs 25,000 Essence but it’s so worth it.

Brief note on Sea Sponges:

These little guys are really hard to find, but if you’re looking for them, here is where they can be found! They are in Alpine Water, in the deep areas where you find undersea mountains. They look like little round blobs. I found mine at the base of a rock. It’s kind of dark down there and I highly recommend you use a Seahorse so you can travel around and dive more easily.

Here are some pictures I’ve captured! I’ll add more as I find them.

Baby Elephant
Blue Whale
Great White Shark with whale in background
Leaping Dolphin
Whale encounter
Hammerhead Shark

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Horse Isle 3 – Horse Barbers are here!

We’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time, the ability to alter our horses’ manes and tails.  There is a note on the horse profile that makes it possible to always see that a mane or tail has been altered.  Also, you can always go back to a horse’s natural mane and tail shape by paying $1,000 in gold dust.  Otherwise these changes are permanent.  Of course, changes don’t pass on to foals.  You can use the Barber by going to any club with an Ostler.  The Ostler also still cares for horses.

The great part about the Barber is that they can dye manes and tails, usually a base color and a tip color.  I have made all my example images using a white horse with black base color and red tip color for easy visibility but you can choose from a fairly wide palette.

Options and prices are below!

Mane Natural
Natural Dyeable Mane $1,500

Mane Short Silky
Short Silky $2,500

Mane Medium Silky
Medium Silky $2,500







Mane Long Silky
Long Silky $2,500

Mane Short Coarse
Short Coarse $2,500

Mane Medium Coarse
Medium Coarse $2,500

Mane Long Coarse
Long Coarse $2,500

Mane Short Standing
Short Standing $2,500

Mane Medium Standing
Medium Standing $2,500

Mane Long Standing
Long Standing $2,500

Mane Messy Standing
Messy Standing $2,500

Mane None
No Mane $2,500

Mane Chess Pattern
Chess Pattern $2,500

Mane Forelock
Forelock $2,500

Mane Roached
Roached $2,500 (1 color)

Mane Triangle Pattern
Triangle Pattern $2,500

Mane Wave Pattern
Wave Pattern $2,500

Mane - Standing - Tricolor








Mane - Standing Polka Dot






Polka Dots

Mane - Hunter Braids



Mane Button Braids
Hunter Braids $3,000

Mane Button Braids

Button Braids $3,000

Natural Dyable

Natural Dye-able Tail $1,500

Tail Short Natural


Short Natural Tail $2,500






Tail Medium Natural


Medium Natural Tail $2,500






Tail Long Natural

Long Natural Tail $2,500







Tail Braided


Braided Tail $3000

(Can choose color of base, tip, and ties)





Tail Bang


Banged Tail $2500






Tail Braided and Banged


Braided and Banged $3,500






Tail Braided Arab


Note:  The base of your horse’s tail will remain the same, so if you braid an Arab’s tail, for example, you’ll get something like this.





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Horse Isle 3 – Travel in Ice and Snow

Large areas of the Infinite Wilds are frozen over, and this kind of travel has its own challenges. There are various strategies and equipment you can use to help deal with these, with a varying degree of success. Different horses are needed for these different landscapes, too.


Snow slows you down tremendously, and it can be hard to climb the slippery hills.  Snow fields can also be quite vast so you may be a while crossing them.  Also, the landscapes are quite beautiful and not to be missed!


Snowshoes can be purchased with Essence and they equip automatically. They make the terrain less slippery and boost your walking speed. They are really helpful if you want to complete a puzzle or quiz post that’s located on a slope.


Skis can also be purchased with Essence and they are great for cross country skiing, giving something of a speed boost, but they truly shine if you have to go downhill. You can reach some pretty respectable speeds!   Steering works better when you use the mouse as well.  The shortcut is =,

Horse Types

For snow, it’s best to have large horses, preferably with big feet, who are good in Speed, Strength, and Bravery. Shires, Shire Sport Horses, other similar drafts, and various flavors of Grade Draft are all good for this. A lighter horse that is still relatively tall, strong fast and brave, can do pretty well too.

Ice Crusts

Ice Crusts are very slick and can be difficult to travel on. Your snowshoes don’t work here and horses get hurt easily on the sharp ice.


Skates can’t be used here – and wagons or carts can but it’s a pain to deal with all the ridges and bumps.  Walking or riding is your best bet.  Or maybe a balloon?

Horse Types

I’ve had really good luck with my Hunter Thoroughbred on ice crusts. I think any good runner-jumpers would do well. Horses who are brave and agile do well here, and speed never hurts. I highly recommend getting a Salus Amulet or at the very least, a preventive vet exam.

Ice Sheets

The majority of ice you see will be in sheet form, over the oceans. Horses don’t like this area because it easily frightens them – I don’t blame them! Nobody likes the chance of a cold bath.  However, there are multiple ways of dealing with it.


Skis work here, though not very well.  You can also just run, but who wants to do that?   This is where the Ice Skates truly shine. You can use them with alternating key strokes, much like a Kayak, though if you just press Forward you will still make progress, albeit more slowly.  You can also use Pony Carts, Horse Carts, and Chariots, though the ice still cracks under horses from time to time.  Shortcut is ~.

Horse Types

The ideal horse for ice travel is strong, fast, brave, and light. Of course, light horses don’t tend to be as strong, so there’s a balance that must be struck. Strong ponies tend to have a broad chest along with their other attributes. Some people breed miniature ponies with draft breeds to boost the strengh of the resulting foal – this can be tricky but it can work. There are also various breeds that are designed more for ice draft work. Also, the horses of the Decay Biome tend to be tiny and some of them are strong.

Broken Ice

Broken up ice sheets floating on a sea, too spread about to walk across. This situation can be a pain. You pretty much have to either swim slowly through it or sometimes you can use a kayak. Luckily it just borders major ice sheets so you won’t have to endure long stretches of it.


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Horse Isle 3 Update – Hang Gliders are here!

(Also the long awaited ice skates and skis.)

But in the mean time, hang gliders!

First, here’s what it says on the site:

+ Must find a high point to launch from. Launch succeeds when open air roughly 3 meters in front of you.
+ Hang glider automatically pitches down to prevent stalls.
+ Pitch Forward (Descend) with Up Arrow (W)
+ Pitch Backward (Go Up) With Back Arrow (S)
+ Steer with mouse/Arrows
+ “Super Woman” award added. First level achieved with 1000m of total hang gliding distance.
+ Added 3 Course Air Rings 10m, 25m, 50m high
+ Added course requirement which will Auto-Start the Hang Glider equipment if owned.
+ Courses For Hang Gliding will be quite difficult. Expect to have to forfeit a lot 🙂
+ Hint: Record a location at the top of mountain before jumping so you can quick travel back if (you) want. (GOOD TIP, JOR!)

Hang Glider Essentials

Now that you’ve read what the site has to say, here are the things I’ve discovered when hang gliding.

You will need 10,000 Essence with 1,000 of that having been earned in Fjords, to buy the hang glider.  Once bought, it doesn’t require fuel or anything like that.   You can launch from any mountaintop, mesa, cliff, fjord, et cetera.

It doesn’t seem like the most fantastic way to travel because you can only travel a few klicks at best but is great for short term exploration, finding resources or new puzzle areas.  It’s also just boatloads of fun and the flight controls are easy.

The wind is not a factor with speed, only descent.

There was a recent update including an altimeter on screen to the lower left.

The shortcut key is }.  Looks like a hang glider.

You cannot launch from a balloon or while falling in the air – you have to be on a solid piece of ground.

You can stretch your glide a bit by flattening it out, but do so carefully.  Best glide is around 20 to 21 MPH, or 32 to 33 KPH, or so I’ve found so far.

The hang glider colors are based on your profile, same as carts, kayak, etc are.

Speed:  You will fly faster if you are descending faster.   So far when I’ve been gliding best with as little sink rate as possible, I’ve been flying at between 19 and 25 MPH.  I saw 70 MPH one time when I was descending too fast though.  The trick is to handle your wing angle really carefully so you don’t accidentally dump all your lift.


Turn up the world sound effects and you’ll be able to hear the wind as you glide.  As you pitch the nose down, you will hear the wind get louder.  Pull the nose up and listen as the wind gets quieter – it goes silent before it stalls, just like in real life.  If you pitch the nose down again at that point you can glide a lot longer – play with it a bit and you’ll get the hang of it.  Basically if you pick up speed you can trade it for a little extra lift, and get to keep most of that if you avoid the stall recovery.  I was able to boost my best glide distance considerably within a few flights of doing that.

If you climb until the point just before it stalls and then drop your nose quickly to pick up speed, then begin climbing again at a slightly higher point then where you began your last climb, it’s possible to gain altitude slowly and fly pretty much until you reach terrain that’s too high or until your system lags.  I know someone who managed to get up to around 300 meters in altitude with a lot of patience.  It can be done!

Usually, using the mouse helps a lot for control.

Pulling the camera back so you can easily see yourself also helps immensely.  There is a practice area at Whistler club, called Big Air, reachable by wagon.

Successful gliding flight looks rather bouncy, not like a long smooth glide.

You can also collect Epics, pots of gold, and even chop wood if you are careful.  To collect Epics, fly next to the Epic as close as you can.  To collect a pot of gold, try to fly through the rainbow while pressing E.  To chop wood, fly as close as you can to the top of the tree and press E.

Launching Spot ideas:

Basically you want somewhere that’s high up, has sloping terrain around it, and has a fairly sharp dropoff.


Tall Alpine mountains

Beach Spirals

Fumaroles (if you can get to the top, that is)

Tall Fall Forest or Jungle Mountains

Fjords if you don’t mind landing in the water

Ice Cliffs

Tall Redrock cliffs

Tall towers and other buildings now work for launches!  Yay!

…and let me know if you have more ideas!   Pictures of the hang glider are below.

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Horse Isle 3 – Rare Items

Many times when trying to complete a quest or create just one more bottle of that rare dye, you will need to look for rare items or areas.  These things will still be difficult to find, but here are some tips that will help you have a better chance.

Basic tips:

If you just need an ingredient but it doesn’t matter where it came from, check the shopping boards to search player shops.  Shopping boards look like a big sign and can be found at most clubs.

You can also use Pitcher Plants to get rare items.  Rare items come from using Wishing Coins too but it’s more rare.  Pitcher plants can be found in swampy areas.  TigerTon’s wagon also has a cheap route to one.  Caveat:  Gathering an item from a pitcher plant doesn’t count for quests.

Some clubs have wagon routes to commonly needed rare areas.  For example, Blood Ruby Knights has a wagon that goes to Fire Flowers.  International Space Station has a wagon that goes to Snow Ghosts and Crystal Flowers.  Check the club profiles and wagons for updates.

If you do use a Club wagon to get to a rare area or resource, take only what you need.  After all, other people might need it too.  If you need to gather a lot, it’s probably best to find your own area and save it as a Travel location so you can come back on your own.

If you get to an area that has resources you need, but someone has picked them, either find another resource area or come back the next day.  Stuff regrows in just a couple days.

If you need to know what a rare flower or plant looks like, build a Planter on your ranch.  The plants will be exactly the same as you would find them in the wild, so you can look at them from various distances and get better at spotting them.

Below are pictures of various resources and where they can be found.  In some cases I’ve included a distance shot as well as a close up so you can get an idea of what it looks like when riding.

Saffron Closeup
Saffron Flower

Saffron Contex
Saffron is found in mesa Valleys – green areas on top of mesas

Desert Rose
Desert Rose

Desert Rose Context
These are found in Desert Oases, green areas in dunes

Red Rose Closeup
Red Rose

Red Rose Context
These are found on Sandstone clifftops


Poppy Context
Found in Stone Forests – around the columns

Mullein Flowers, found near Stone Forests

Salt Pinch closeup
Pinch of Salt

salt pinch area
They look like grey rocks in Salt Flats

Crystal Flower
Crystal Flowers

crystal flower 2
Grow in Snow, most often near Snow Ghosts

Nightshade 1
Black Nightshade

Nightshade 3
Grow in Decay Biomes



Fire Flower
Fire Flower

Fire Flower in Caldera
Grow in Volcanic Calderas

Volcanic Calderas are a pain in the butt to find on your own because they are rare but obvious once you see them.  They are in Volcanic Biome, of course, and look like a massive black mountain.  If you see whitish gray steam or smoke coming from the top, you know you’ve got yourself a caldera.  Head to “Where the Drafts Go” Village if you want to see one.   Not every caldera has fire flowers, either.  They grow where the lava pools are.  The volcano below no longer exists, I did the screen grab during Beta.

Volcano 2

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Horse Isle 3 – Guide to Caves

Caves, as you’ll remember from my last update, are a huge new feature in Horse Isle 3. 

The interconnected network of caverns stretches under the entire surface and can be found in every biome.  In some cases you can travel from one biome to another.  For instance, my club TigerTon has a cave right outside its borders (go south from the Horse Traders) that starts in Rooted Caves, but from there you can travel to the caves under the nearby Wondershrooms biome.


This is handy because it lets you get topazes from the jungle areas and purple crystals from the wonderland areas!  You can also see the different areas on your minimap, represented by different colors.  For example, Spider Caves are purple.

Tips for traveling in Caves:

Crafted Mines
Cave Exit

When opening caves, the more people in an adventuring party, the less energy it takes from all.

You cannot Quick-Travel into a cave but you can Quick-Travel out to any destination.

It’s a good idea to save cave entrances as Quick-Travel spots, so you can warp out and return to where you started.

Ride the bravest horse you can find, they will help you get over and around obstacles.

When in a Dangerous Paths area, it’s easier to get up the walls with a brave horse than it is by climbing – think of how it works around Ice Cliffs.

Where there are crystal shards, there are likely crystals – look around, crystals are glowing and obvious.  I’ve included illustrations below.

You can open cave entrances from the inside but still need at least one other person with you in your Adventure Party.

Bring enough wood so you can use Torches!  It consumes 1 piece of Wood per minute.

List of Collectible Resources:

I found this on the profile of the club “Where The Drafts Go.”  A complete list of all cave types from all biomes is still in the works.  Eventually I’d like to also have a list of all unique areas within the caverns but that’s going to be a BIG job.

Not all resources have a purpose yet, but I’m sure they will.

Imbuement Crystals

Yellow Imbuement Crystal
A yellow Imbuement Crystal, with shards

Red – Black Sands
Yellow – Desert
Green – Swamp
Blue – Decay
Purple – Wonderland


Coal – Fall Forest
Iron – Sandstone
Copper – Mesa
Silver – Volcanic
Gold – Badlands
Platinum – Ice


Topaz Plinth with Topaz
Citrine on Plinth

Amethyst – Fjords
Citrine – Stone Forest
Diamond – Savannah
Emerald – Rainforest
Ruby – Dark Forest
Sapphire – Tundra
Topaz – Jungle
Tourmaline – Salt Flats



Other Items

As of August 25, Bat Guano and Sulfur were introduced.  Check these screenshots out to know what you’re looking for!

Guano can be found in caves under Bamboo Forest, and Sulfur can be found in caves under Volcanic regions.  Both are used for making Black Powder, which can be made into Firecrackers.

Both items are much easier to find if you have your Torch lit, especially the Guano.  It kind of glows just a bit compared to surrounding rocks.


Guano is at top, and Sulfur is at bottom.







Note about crystals, ores and gems:

THEY GROW BACK.   It takes a couple of days for that to happen, but it will.  So if someone cleaned out your favorite gathering spot, don’t despair – just mark the spot (on a hand drawn map) and come back later.  Or, if you see a bunch of shards lying around, come back later – crystals may regrow.

Wild Horses:

Yes, you can catch wilds in the caves.  They are rare, they tend to be small, and they tend to be brave.  Below is a screenshot showing a wilds another player caught.

Cave Poneh

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More Illustrations:

Hopefully these images will help you get a better idea of the wonders that are in the deeps of the Infinite Wilds.

Topaz Plinth
Topaz Plinth without topaz

Topaz Plinth with Topaz
Topaz Plinth With Topaz

Purple Crystals
Purple Imbuement Crystals with shards

Mushroomed Caverns
Non-Glowing Mushrooms

more magic glow shrooms
Glowing Mushrooms

Dark Spider Cave
Dark Spider-Caves – Rubies can be found here

Dark Spider Cave 2
Another Spider-Cave

Dangerous Paths
Dangerous Paths – bring a brave, smart horse

Dangerous Paths 2
The reward for walking the Dangerous Paths

Tall Quartz Crystals

Tourmaline on a pedestal

Underground Sea

A boulder of Ore

Rough Trails

Lava with silver ore boulder

Horse Isle 3 Update – CAVES!

“Congratulations, you’ve discovered the Underdark.”

-My wife

Caves are here, and they are AWESOME.  I’ll do another update on them soon, especially as more features are rolled out, but I wanted to at least spread the word and give a few initial tips.

Caves underlie most of the Infinite Wilds.  There are plains, mountains, water, hills, columns, crystals, gems, glowing mushrooms, and more.  There are even small, rare wilds that are apparently really good climbers.  Some caves are dark so you need a torch or lantern, others have a natural glow.  There is a type of cave for every Biome, so 25 in all.

You’ve probably seen the cave entrances around – boulders with a smaller boulder stuck into them.  Those need to be opened as a team effort.  You need to form an Adventure party and 12000 Energy will be taken from the members of that party.  So if you had 12 people, they’d all lose 1000 Energy.  If only 2, they’d all lose 6000, and you can’t do it alone.   An opened cave entrance stays open for a real-world year before needing to be re-opened again.

There are some quirks about Caves…. you can Quick Travel to player locations, and you can teleport to any club or surface Travel location from inside them, but you can’t teleport back into the caves from the surface, and you can’t save Travel headings while inside.  You can, however, ride horses inside.  The braver, the better, as there are mountains and difficult terrain to cross in places.

Also, caves interconnect.  There are little ones and huge branching ones.  We’ve only begun to explore!  You can gather things in caves – silver, iron, and Imbuement gems.  Imbuement gems can no longer be bought at the Importer, though you can still find them in player stores or from Pitcher plants and other sources of random items.  There’s also copper, gold, and platinum now, and plans to incorporate them into crafting later.

Stay tuned for more information, including information about the new minigame, but in the meantime, enjoy these screenshots below!


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Black Sands CaveCave Crystalscave with crystals 2Cave with glowing mushroomsCave with rootsCave with waterPit CaveUnderground Mountains

Wolf in Cave
When I first entered a cave, I was a wolf at the time.

Horse Isle 3 – Extreme Sports

I’ll bet this isn’t a post you ever thought you would see!  Along with my ideas for “extreme sports,” I’ve also included some information on training your horse in bravery, because for most of these you’ll need a brave horse.

No-one gets hurt in Horse Isle 3, though you can see some pretty spectacular bounces, so this is all fun and games.  Still, a Salus amulet or preventive exam for your horse are definitely good ideas.

Mini-Guide to Brave Horses

The Bravery stat can’t be changed or trained, and of course the higher the better.

However, you can train your horse’s Intelligence, and that helps your horse’s overall bravery.

Finally, knowing your horse well can increase its Bravery even more.  When I started riding Strider, my primary riding horse, he would follow trails and go over normal hills and through water.  However after I got a couple thousand experience points on him, eventually he was able to ride straight up mountains and across Badlands without a hitch!

Figuring out what your horse’s favorite treat is can really help you too because it gives you a stronger bond.  There are guides to doing this in the Horse Isle 3 player forums.


Fountain Surfing

Did you know that you can surf on Club fountains?  Just jump in the middle and see how long you can stay on top of the stream.  A timer starts so you can keep track of the time.

Mountain Climbing

You can do this with our without your horse.   You can climb quite a sheer cliff on foot by holding down the up arrow key plus the right arrow key (for some reason this works better than left) while hitting the spacebar repeatedly.  This is also how to get out of sinkholes.

Ice Cliff Scooting

This can be done with pink Ice Cliffs and also with some Obsidian Spires.  You run at the object with a really brave horse and if you do it right, you’ll scoot right up the side.

Cliff Diving

This can be done in sheer alpine areas, off mesas, off the sides of beach spirals, and off fjords.  Get your horse running as fast as it can go, holding down the spacebar, and release to jump right at the edge.  With practice, you can catch quite a bit of air.

(Note: wearing a Salus amulet or getting a preventive exam at the vet can be really helpful here.)

Cactus Races

Head out to Red Rock country, such as near WestWorld Village.  Pick a fast horse.  See how close you can get to the cactus at a full run without getting stuck!


This one is my favorite!

Get a balloon, and a bunch of lamp oil.  See this article for the guide on that.  Get your balloon up just as high as you can, so you’re above the sky and all you see is a rounded surface below.  It helps to start from a Beach Spiral, tower, or mountain top.  Then put away the balloon by pressing X.

You’ll fall for quite a while and bounce at least twice when you hit!

It can be really fun to hit “print screen” at the same time so you have a record of how high you went.

Base Jumping

Similar to skydiving but can be done without a balloon.  Can be done best from towers, or the Horse Statue at the center of the world.

Deep Sea Diving

Kinda like skydiving – you go out to the deepest ocean you can find and put your boat away, then put on your underwater helmet to see just how deep you can go.  Look around for a while, make lots of Jacques Cousteau references, and then enjoy any notifications you might get, while coming back up.

Hang Gliding

Find a high place, jump off it with wings strapped to your back.  Exhilaration ensues.  ‘Nuff said!

Skiing and Ice Skating are now available, and so is Cave-Swinging!  Information will be forthcoming.

Do you have any more ideas for Extreme Sports?   Post them as a comment and I’ll include them!


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That way, if you ever decide to buy a subscription, even for one month, you’ll get a bonus 1000 essence, plus 10 Esroh Essence to help you get started.  A subscription costs 500 Mobia per month and you can buy Mobia from other players in-game if you don’t have cash to spend.




Horse Isle 3 – Unwritten Rules of Politeness

We all know about the Site Terms of Service, but if you’re new to a community it’s also nice to know about the customs and best practices that keep it running smoothly.  You know, those rules that aren’t written down anywhere but if you run afoul of them you’re pissing people off without knowing it.  Since I like to know about that kind of thing, I figured I’d share what I’ve noticed about them here, too.  Knowing some of these can save you time and Essence, too!

Basic Chat Guidelines

Help Chat is great for asking questions and doesn’t use up your Essence.  People are pretty friendly and helpful too.

When getting started, lots of answers are found by looking at the “Beginner Bird” information, found under the blue question mark to the upper right.

Also, lots of great information about where to find wilds, and where to find gatherable resources, is in the Library.  You can find those in most clubs.

Use the right chat for the right reason.  If selling, use Ads.  If asking questions about riddle boxes and such, use Help.

Keep Global conversation light.  Lots of people come to Horse Isle to get away from their troubles, so discussion of heavy topics is best left to PM or some kind of group chat.


Logging in and around a club, or around someone else’s ranch, usually irritates people.  Sure, trees grow back, but it takes a while and looks ugly in the meantime.  Many clubs (like TigerTon, Where The Drafts Go, and Zoo for example) have designated gathering areas linked to their wagons.  Those are spots meant for people to go and log to their hearts content.


Similarly, when you are gathering resources in a place you haven’t discovered yourself, it’s best to take only what you need for a quest or whatever.  Some clubs have gathering quests where they ask you to gather in a particular spot, this is especially important in situations like this.

Other people’s gathering spots

If you are looking for a rare resource and someone kindly shares a spot with you, again, only take what you need.  You can also save your own secret gathering spots but again it’s best to save only those that you’ve discovered yourself, whenever possible.

Catching Wilds

Generally if you see someone else trying to catch a wild, it’s polite to move along.  There are infinite wild horses after all.  And if that wild was one you really wanted for some reason, you can totally ask them (politely) in PM after they catch it.

Placing Ranches

Since creating a ranch means you own that land and can do whatever you want with it, it’s best to only place your ranches in spots you discovered yourself.  I recently heard about someone who had shared a prime location for gathering almonds and plums (a pretty rare biome called an Almond Isle) and later they came back and found someone had built a ranch there so they could no longer gather.  Now, there’s no actual rule against this but it’s basic courtesy.   To be sure, you could always pick Undiscovered areas just to be sure.


If there’s a huge crowd, it’s best to avoid using torches or campfires.  Those suck system resources and make slower computers lag badly.  I learned this one the hard way!


Anyway, I hope you all found this useful.   This isn’t meant to be some hardcore list of guidelines set in stone, but more a way to help everyone get along better.  Follow these and you’ll never look like a Newb.


Interested in joining? 

Click  HERE or go to the HI3 site and put in my user ID, 1023.   Whenever you buy your first subscription, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Esroh Essence (good for more energy) and 1000 gold dust to help you along!


Horse Isle 3 – Animal Shapeshifting!

There are so many fun updates right now and this is actually one of my favorites.  Okay, I really love deep sea diving and photography too, but this one is just cute and fun.

Basically it’s a new server event that allows you to shapeshift into a random member of the wildlife population.  It pops up on the right side of your screen, and will ask you if you want to transform.  If you click the button you get to be a wild creature for five minutes.

There are limitations to what you can do.  You can walk, swim, collect items including lucky finds and teleport, but you can’t use tools or ride your horse.  That said, it’s a lot of fun to run around as a random critter!  You “de-animalize” automatically at the end of the time.  Also, what you become doesn’t have anything to do with what biome you’re in, it’s completely random.

Here are some of the creatures I’ve transformed into:

Baby Rabbit
Baby bunny tries to figure out how to catch a horse

black raccoon
A black raccoon discovers a meteor crater

Doe a deer a female deer
Doe… a deer… a female deer…

Gray Wolf
Wolf is lookin’ fine

grey wolf running
Players Who Run With The Wolves

I do my best impression of Prongs


That way, if you ever decide to buy a subscription, even for one month, you’ll get a bonus 1000 essence, plus 10 Esroh Essence to help you get started. 

A subscription costs 500 Mobia per month and you can buy Mobia from other players in-game if you don’t have cash to spend.