Horse Isle 3 – Continuing Adventures

You’ve finally bred your ultimate competition horse, fitted them out with the perfect tack, and made your ranch exactly the way you want it. Maybe you’ve learned to glide or finally gotten that sailboat you’ve been saving for. But now it’s boring – what next? I’ve been playing Horse Isle 3 for years now and it still hasn’t gotten stale. How is that possible? In an open world there is always to do and see, because you can make your own challenges too!

In-Game Challenges

Weekly Challenges

Horse Isle 3 has some neat options if you are looking for something new to spark your interest. For example, In the Players Menu, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find “View Current Weekly Challenges.” If you place in the top 100 you can win an Esroh Essence and if you place in the top 10 you get four of them! You can place in one, two, or all, so potentially this can get you a lot of extra energy! The challenges rotate every week and might include discovering new areas, delivering mail, flying the longest, walking the longest, catching the most wilds, and more. The really cool thing about having three challenges is no matter what you are good at there’s a really good chance you can place in the top 100 of something if you try.

Breeding Challenges

If you go to the Myself menu, then click on “View My Profile,” you will find breed challenges down at the bottom. Some are hard, some are easy. Basically you have to own one horse of each type listed. You didn’t have to breed them, you can buy them too. Once you have all the horses on the list, go into the page and click the “attempt” button. Don’t worry, you can try again if something was wrong! You keep the award even if you then sell the horses.

Photo Challenges

Each time a new plushie, creature, or horse is introduced you can immediately take a picture of it and add it to your collection. You can even collect photos of different breeds, and you are rewarded every so often for collecting enough! Never ending quest as long as new items are added.

Plushie Collection

Collecting varied or high stat plushies is definitely a thing, they are nice for decorating your ranch or augmenting the stats on your horses. Best of all, new plushies are released periodically so this is another one that could go on forever.

Club Quests

Don’t forget that clubs periodically make new quests! It’s worth a look at the Adventure tables to see what’s available.

Essence Anomalies

I have a whole article about these linked in the heading. These are nice 30 minute mini challenges that keep things lively.

Random Events

You could also try the different in game events such as Mane Event, Star Searches, Snowball fights, water balloon fights, jousting, and photo hunts – all manner of mini-events show up in the System section of chat. New ones are still being added, such as People Tower.

Making Your Own

If you get tired of the challenges built in by the game, there are all sorts of challenges you could make for yourself! The possibilities are endless, so here are a few of my own favorites.

Making Quests

As a club owner or leader, you have the ability to make quests. It can be hard to get them just right, but it can also be really rewarding. In a way it’s like writing a story. The best ones really immerse the player in the story and make them feel like they accomplished something. Think about the kinds of quests you like to take, as well as quests we need more of!

Overland Endurance Challenges

This can be kind of fun – basically the challenge is to pick two clubs or landmarks and ride from one to the other. You have to go over any terrain in the way, and let me tell you it can be cool to finally see that tall Clubhouse coming into view. You could pick two clubs that are only twenty kilometers or so from each other or could choose a bigger challenge. You could set the club as your heading, or you could try to only navigate by the map as additional challenge.

The Newbie Challenge

This is something I’ve done a few times. Basically I will set a time for myself where I will decide to not use any of the items I have gathered or earned. I’ll walk around in some area till I find a wild, catch that, ride it bareback, or maybe I’ll allow myself a basic set of tack. I’ll see how far I can get while only feeding the horse things I gather. There are all kinds of variations here but it can be fun remembering what it was like back at the very beginning when I was still discovering the game.

Playing “explorer”

Most of us do this already but it can be interesting to try it with different constraints. For example, what if you could only use a kayak? How far could you get into a continent by only paddling up rivers? Or how well can you get to know a single island? Or, can you sail place to place by tacking even when the wind isn’t perfectly right? Or maybe try a chariot or pony cart when you won’t normally do that?

Making new Breeds

This has endless possibilities. It can be a lot of fun breeding in traits that aren’t normally found together. I know one person who loves breeding metallic coated drafts. I do too. I also have a metallic coated Arabian project, and a miniature Akhal teke project. Recently I also started breeding giant Arabians and Thoroughbreds. A TB or arab who stands 21 hands at the withers is a truly stunning sight! My mini tekes are all 8 hands or less, usually 7.2 currently. Not bad for such a long legged creature.

I’ll be adding more options as I think of them. Similarly, if you have a fun challenge that keeps you interested, share and I’ll add it here! I’m likely going to write a guide to quest-writing in the near future. Stay tuned!

Like to join me on this awesome game?  If you would, make sure and use this link or place my ID, 1023, in the box when you join.
That way, if you ever decide to buy a subscription, even for one month, you’ll get a bonus 1000 essence, plus 10 Esroh Essence to help you get started.  A subscription costs 500 Mobia per month and you can buy Mobia from other players in-game if you don’t have cash to spend.

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