Short Tales

For my stories, musings, and tall tales.

See below for the full list.

All are currently rated for all audiences.

Brush-Tail – a calico cat, alone in the streets of modern Kyoto.  A holiday tale.

Bob Ross Retires – what really happened to Bob at the end of his show?

Bukezukuri at Night – a spooky story about a girl alone in an old Japanese house.

Crew of the Scrapper Queen – a scrap-gathering starship finds an ancient song file.

Koji Comes Home – a short-short story about time travel and Ancient Japan.

Missionaries of a Lesser God – The events of a sleepy Saturday morning.  Humor.

The Huntress – Just what is a Deathshadow anyway?  Short-short story.

The Starcat – a tale that involves a sapient cat with thumbs and a voice.

Thoughts of an Aircraft – a sci fi story about what an AI thinks about when bored.

The Archaeologist – a silly story about an archaeologist in the far future.

The Hospital – an old woman is in the hospital with two odd companions.  Spooky.

The Mists – a Japanese man takes a walk in the fog and hears something very odd.

The Rain Time – a girl on a desert planet recalls her first rainy season.

The Warrior Reborn – a Russian cavalryman meets his end.  Or does he?

Thoughts of a Modern Dragon – Azure is a dragon living in the world of modern jets.

Intruder in a Dragon’s Cave – what happens next to Azure.

Nature Walk – a short sci fi tale about a broken transmitter and some deep thoughts.

When the Eye of London Blinked – sleepy traveler sees something odd.