Horse Isle III: Building Updates

In case you haven’t looked at the options for building in a while, there are some neat updates available!

For Ranch owners, you can now have topiary and benches, of the same type that are available to the clubs. You can also build more things on your right of way margins, including topiary and signs. This will help for those of us who need to put up even more “No Logging” signs!

For Clubs, there are some pretty impressive updates, including the ability to build up to four Lookout Towers. Not only do they go really well with the recent Medieval building upgrade, they add dimension and scale to any village! They are great for seeing a long way, finding a private place to do super orders, or my favorite, glider launches.

Most are probably aware that lamp-posts now have editable colors, and automatically turn off in the daytime. Some clubs have used this to lovely effect.

Yesterday a really new and fresh update came – Firepits! they come in four different styles. Each club can only have one. The flames cast light so can improve your lighting or perhaps replace a lamp-post. A really nice bonus is the player stat boost! Once per minute, and up to five times per game day, a player within 10 meters of the firepit will get a 50 point stat boost. I have put a bench nearby the one in TigerTon, so someone can sit and comfortably go over their horse lists or whatever other housekeeping, and meanwhile have a chance of getting small boosts to their Focus, Travel, or Energy. It’s not a big enough boost to unbalance gameplay but I think it is a nice bonus, especially for people who aren’t subscribed.

See below for a picture of the one at TigerTon. In the image, you can also get a glimpse at our Watchtower! Pretty tall, huh?

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