Horse Isle 3 – Horse Barbers are here!

We’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time, the ability to alter our horses’ manes and tails.  There is a note on the horse profile that makes it possible to always see that a mane or tail has been altered.  Also, you can always go back to a horse’s natural mane and tail shape by paying $1,000 in gold dust.  Otherwise these changes are permanent.  Of course, changes don’t pass on to foals.  You can use the Barber by going to any club with an Ostler.  The Ostler also still cares for horses.

The great part about the Barber is that they can dye manes and tails, usually a base color and a tip color.  I have made all my example images using a white horse with black base color and red tip color for easy visibility but you can choose from a fairly wide palette.

Options and prices are below!

Mane Natural
Natural Dyeable Mane $1,500
Mane Short Silky
Short Silky $2,500
Mane Medium Silky
Medium Silky $2,500







Mane Long Silky
Long Silky $2,500
Mane Short Coarse
Short Coarse $2,500
Mane Medium Coarse
Medium Coarse $2,500
Mane Long Coarse
Long Coarse $2,500
Mane Short Standing
Short Standing $2,500
Mane Medium Standing
Medium Standing $2,500
Mane Long Standing
Long Standing $2,500
Mane Messy Standing
Messy Standing $2,500
Mane None
No Mane $2,500
Mane Chess Pattern
Chess Pattern $2,500
Mane Forelock
Forelock $2,500
Mane Roached
Roached $2,500 (1 color)
Mane Triangle Pattern
Triangle Pattern $2,500
Mane Wave Pattern
Wave Pattern $2,500

Mane - Standing - Tricolor








Mane - Standing Polka Dot






Polka Dots

Mane - Hunter Braids



Mane Button Braids
Hunter Braids $3,000

Mane Button Braids

Button Braids $3,000

Natural Dyable

Natural Dye-able Tail $1,500

Tail Short Natural


Short Natural Tail $2,500






Tail Medium Natural


Medium Natural Tail $2,500






Tail Long Natural

Long Natural Tail $2,500







Tail Braided


Braided Tail $3000

(Can choose color of base, tip, and ties)





Tail Bang


Banged Tail $2500






Tail Braided and Banged


Braided and Banged $3,500






Tail Braided Arab


Note:  The base of your horse’s tail will remain the same, so if you braid an Arab’s tail, for example, you’ll get something like this.





Interested in joining? 

Click  HERE or go to the HI3 site and put in my user ID, 1023.   Whenever you buy your first subscription, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Esroh Essence (good for more energy) and 1000 gold dust to help you along!

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