Horse Isle 3: Money Making Guide

Many of these suggestions are scattered around my other posts and guides.  Here they are all in one place, plus a few more!  Soon you’ll be making plenty of Gold Dust, the currency of Infinite Wilds.

First of all, what is money good for?

A little Gold Dust is needed when you build things, but really not a lot.  Eventually you’ll need more of it when expanding your ranches beyond a certain point, but by then you’ll know how to make more, too.  You also need it to buy things other players are selling, to identify the breed of the wild horses you have caught, to train your own horses so they can be better, and do other things like pay club dues.  You also need it to buy ranch land, though it’s cheap to do that for your first hectare.  Needless to say, money is good to have.

Ways of making money

Pick things up as you travel.  Logs, berries, stones, flowers, what have you.  You can then make things out of them, sell them to other players, or sell them to the Exporter.  Check the Sales board to see who is buying.

Now that caves are open, there is quite a bit of demand for useful ores (particularly Iron) and Imbuement Crystals.  Keep an eye on the news, since any time a new crafting feature is introduced, that’s a good time to load up on the components for it and sell them.

You can make big money if you keep an eye out for Pots of Gold, Meteorites, Pirate Treasures, Mother Horse Stones, and Giant Clam Shells.  They can give you anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand gold.  They appear completely randomly.

When you catch wild horses, check the Shopping Board to see which traders are where.  For example, the basic price to sell a plain horse is 200 gold, but if you have the right size, age, breed or level of moodiness, sometimes you can make a couple thousand on the sale.  A Tome at the Library will net you 1.5 times the usual fee.

Auctioning horses is another way to make money.  It’s usually only beneficial if you’ve bred a really good horse, what you are selling is somewhat rare, or the horse is a Lucky Find.  Non-subscribers can use the auction house here.  Sometimes, players will also hold Live Auctions where people go and look at horses in the flesh.  Keep an eye on Ads Chat for those.

Join a club and get a store.  It does cost 10,000 gold to build a store, but it’s worth it.  Try to pick a club that doesn’t have a very high mark-up (club task) because customers will be more likely to use your store.

Then you can craft things and sell them, or sell raw materials that are in demand.   Tokens are pretty popular, as are any crystals.   If you figure out how to make a really good color of dye, that can be quite profitable.  You can also put your horses up for stud or sell them.  You can make a lot that way.  Again, use the Sales Board to make sure your prices are competitive.

Sell Stickers and Art.  With the Art Kit, you can make and sell rump art stickers, as well as clothes, tack, and more.  Depending on the art (or pattern) they can be pretty popular.

Pan for gold.  If you save up enough Essence, you can get a gold pan and use it to get varying amounts of gold dust out of rivers and streams.  I warn you though, that’s kind of a slow way to make money, you can usually make more by running around and collecting things.

Sell at the Exporter.  The Exporter, which can be found in some clubs, will be asking for items in a certain quantity.  If you have the items, you can get gold.  Some of the items are really common so look around.

Join server contests.  There are Star Hunts, where you ride around trying to be the first to find a big glowing star.  There are card trading games where you try to get one each of four types of card  There are also water balloon fights, which are a lot of fun.  And they give you money if you win!  They are announced in System Chat and you can usually travel to them for free.  Now there are also things like photography challenges, wild-catching challenges, essence capturing, ride the farthest in five minutes, and that type of thing.

Achievements are a fun way to get gold too, and also Essence.  For example, if you sell ten horses to the Trader, when you sell the tenth one you’ll get a little reward.  Same for traveling, building things, making dyes, and various other feats.  There are multiple levels for each award.

Riddle Posts will test your wits and sometimes your patience.  There are several different kinds of questions, anything from riddles to math, with varying difficulty levels.  They are scattered all over the landscape, and they all pay!  For extra money, activate the Savant Tome at the library.

Minigames are fun and diverting.  You can find Word Scrambles in Fall Forest, a stone sliding game in Swampland, rock stacking in Badlands, color sorting in Snow, music games in Stone Forest, ant chasing in Savannah, a version of Sudoku on the Salt Flats, snake charming in the Desert, a matching game in the Rainforest, and several other varieties of minigame.  They pay you when you win them.  Note:  If you really loved the Sand Castles from Horse Isle 2, there is something very similar in the Swamps.  Look for the hemispherical boulder-looking things.

Two of the best games for making money are the Word Scrambles in Fall Forest, because the hard ones can be solved pretty easily with an anagram solver, and the Binary Boulders in Decay, because you can find binary number translators online as well.  Activate the “Savant” Tome at the Library for extra profit.  I personally find the Festivus Poles in Snow to be pretty easy as well.

Do Quests.  Quests are available at some clubs, and also at the giant horse head in the center of the world.  They give varying amounts of money.  All the quests from the giant horse head just involve traveling, and give you 5,000 gold each.  There are more player-created quests being made all the time.

NPC Quests are also available if you use the “talk” option at different buildings, such as Vet, Post Office, Trader, and more.  They give you money and sometimes items.  There are all different kinds, from bringing an item to doing a quiz to offering your opinion on something.

Mane Event. Keep an eye on the System chat for the Mane Event, which is a randomly chosen competition that gives you a guaranteed payout of at least 1200 gold dust if you complete it.  The better you do, the more you make.  There’s free Travel to the event as well!

Achievements.  Lastly, you get money and essence whenever you get an award.  You can check your profile page to see what awards are available.  Some of them cost money to win, like the award for using the Vet, but there are others – like selling horses, riding long distances, catching wilds, kayaking, making dyes, and more.  You can even get an achievement by pulling up poison ivy!

There are other ways than this to make money.  I’ve found that selling dyes and bolts of cloth is pretty popular, as well as rare flowers and berries.  See if you can find something I haven’t mentioned!

pirate treasure chest

Ways of saving money

Keep a record of training prices at different Club Villages.  Those costs can vary widely due to varying club mark-ups.  For example, TigerTon training costs 1000 gold because the club doesn’t make any money off the training.  I was once in a club that had a 50% mark-up, so trainings cost 1,500 gold!

Gather your own materials to make things, when possible.

Travel to Swamps and open Pitcher Plants.  They can contain rare or useful items, which saves you having to buy them, or possibly can give you something to sell.

If you need to buy something, always use the Sales Board so you can see who has what, and for how much.  It’ll save you a lot!

Groom and feed your horses yourself.  It’s more convenient to have someone else do it but it’s free if you pick your own food, and it increases your bond with the horse as well.

If you have a ranch, get the hay shed, hay fields, and water tower.  Then it’ll be nearly free, and also very easy, to feed and water your horses at once.

Study Tomes at the Library.  Some Tomes let you save money, others let you gather more, and there’s even one that gives you 1.5 times the payout when selling to a Trader.  Well worth checking out!

Be careful of where you put your buildings so you don’t have to tear them down and redo them.

Don’t train studs or dams unless you intend to ride them.  Since training the parents does nothing for the foal, there’s no sense wasting all that gold on a horse you never ride or do competitions with.  I personally have a few horses that I use for riding and cart pulling and leave the others untrained.

When using studs or buying horses, again, check the Shopping Board.   Some players such as myself don’t care so much about making a huge profit, or haven’t looked at the board to see how much a stud or horse is worth.  For example, my stallions all have a price of $550, including club tax.  I know others are cheaper.  Some people charge a lot more and their studs aren’t always better.  Check the horse profile pages to see.

med sea daytime.PNG

Interested in joining? 

Click HERE or go to the HI3 site and put in my user ID, 1023.   You’ll be rewarded with 10 Esroh Essence (good for more energy) and 1000 gold dust to help you get started!

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