Our webmistress is nearly 13 weeks old!

Here’s a progress report on the Webmistress, and her brother!

Little Nishiko is growing like a weed.  She already likes to help me on the computer – and her training as a webmistress is going well.  It’s truly amazing how many traits she shares with Nezumi.  She even likes lettuce as she did!  She likes the same flavors of cat food, dislikes the same things, and has similar body language and habits.  It’s like having sweet Nezumi back in our lives again – and perhaps that is so.

Nishiko’s brother, Hiroshi, is wonderful and active and friendly.  The two of them play/fight every morning and every evening.  One of the things I love about Hiroshi is that the moment he sees me or the spouse, or if not then the moment I start petting him, he begins a deep, loud purr.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Sometimes when he’s a rascal I call him “monkey”  because of his really long tail and habit of grabbing everything.

These kittens are a trial sometimes, but they bring me true joy and have healed the deep well of pain that Nezumi’s passing left.  Sometimes I spend time just looking at them, drinking in their perfection.  The spouse and I both feel such love for them, there aren’t words to express it.

Shinji is being a wonderful foster father, doling out discipline with a gentle paw, even when he’s annoyed.  He also grooms them and cuddles them, and even once in a while plays with him.  Hiroshi wants to be like Shinji when he grows up, I can tell.  Nishiko plays with Shinji less but relies on him more for comfort and occasionally protection.

All three cats are just wonderful.  I’ve maintained a mostly grain free diet, including occasional treats of cottage cheese or unseasoned grilled chicken, that I make in little foil packets so that it’s protected from any salt.  They have boundless energy and are developing into truly beautiful cats.  They are also INTO EVERYTHING and on an endless quest to learn everything possible about their world.

As for progress, Nishiko and Hiroshi know their names, sort of come when called, and know “up,” “down,” and “no.”  They don’t always listen to “no” but they know what it means.  Tip for fellow kitten parents:  Get a squeaky toy that is as loud and shrill as possible.  It mimics a kitten’s distress sound so is a pretty good auditory deterrent, like if they start climbing up your bare legs or biting your fingers.  It tells them “ow!  That hurts!” and they understand it pretty well.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!  They are taken during the past couple weeks.

Nishiko belly
I’m as big as Foster-Dad!  See?
all three in window June 28
A well deserved nap
Crazy Hiroshi
Brother, you’re such a goof
Hiroshi on chair large
I, Hiroshi, survey my domain
I meant to do that
Time for a streeeeeeetch



Webmistress Update – They’re He-ere!

Two lovely and rambunctious kittens have now made it to their new home.  Our wonderful little calico webmistress, Nishiko, already rules the roost with her brother and also my older cat, Shinji.  They are settling in well but have a LOT of energy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way but I confess, sometimes I’m exhausted.  Here are picture of them at 8 weeks – taken during the few seconds they held still.


kitten serious face june 7 2000
Kitten royalty – such serious faces!
kittens sleeping june 7 2000
Sleeping – for now
perfect kittens june 7 2000
Big brother and little Webmistress

“A little pile of love and paws”

…or so a friend of mine called the picture of the kittens in the basket.

Here are the latest pictures of our webmistress, Nishiko, and her protective brother, Hiroshi.  They are getting nearer to adoption age!  Their current two-legged guardian tells me that they play together a lot, so I’m very happy I’ll be able to take them home together.  As a reminder to all other kitten guardians, I’ll be having Hiroshi fixed before he reaches four months – probably at about the three month mark.  I’ve heard of females going into first heat as early as four months so I’m being extra careful.

As of Monday, they were six weeks old!  They are using the litter box, have been weaned for a couple of weeks, and are roughhousing with their mother and each other.

Enjoy the pictures!

week 6 cropped
Hiroshi is the gray, Nishiko the calico
Week 6 Hiroshi and Nishiko
Hiroshi makes a great pillow, says Nishiko