Lines and Spines

Arizona has some fascinating uses of line in the natural landscape.  Here are a few examples.

Cactus Art Print 1000.JPG

Here is a proud cactus who sits outside my Carniceria – I loved the contrast so much I had to make it into an art print.


This tree draws a fantastic line at my local park…


And these radial lines are interesting in their interplay.  They are pines from that same park.


These are lines courtesy of my acacia tree, painted against the summer sky.


via Photo Challenge: Lines

Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Tucson trees are fascinating to me.




Some have spines and fruit. Even the mesquite have that.




This one has looks like it’s related to a bean plant.



We have pines here, too, that sometimes grow into improbable formations.



Or they grow into twin trunks, like this.



I love it when trees grow old – then they develop character.


It’s truly a feast for the eye when you look at the fine detail.

All this wealth – in one neighborhood!