Better Posture for a Better Life

Has anyone heard this as a kid?  “Sit up straight!  Stand up straight!”

It looks like Mom, or Grandma, had the right idea.  Not only can good posture make you look taller and thinner, but it also improves your ability to breathe, makes you look more confident, reduces your stress level, improves your concentration, and even improves your mood!

Wait, what?

It’s true.

While good posture obviously isn’t a cure-all, it’s an often overlooked aspect to life.  Your body works better when important internal organs aren’t squished, your bones and muscles support you more evenly too.  As mentioned before, you breathe better.  And your brain releases neurotransmitters that make you feel more in control of things.

Slouching can actually sap your energy, while moving your arms can make you feel more lively.  It’s all here in this article from Medical Daily:

Change Your Posture To Improve Your Mood, Memory, And 5 Other Aspects Of Your Life


I’ve actually seen this work.  When I sit up straight and breathe deeply, or walk with my head up and shoulders back, I feel better, more confident.  In this case, mood is affected by behavior rather than the other way around.  When I’m feeling low, I can change my mood by changing my posture.

To me, that’s incredibly powerful.  For those of us who feel stuck in moods, this can be a great way out.

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