Horse Isle 3 – Epics (updated)

The recent update was truly cool! In it was introduced a wonderful variety of Epic Monuments. They are huge, impressive looking, and replace all the obelisks that used to dot our vast landscape. There is a type for each of the biomes and the first player to discover each one is immortalized on the “about” text associated with each one. Because no one could build anything on a plot that had a Cave or an Obelisk, they are all on public land.

Some of the items you can find are pretty great too! Things like giant Gaia Trees in the Fall Forest, or seriously huge Sequoias in the Rain Forest, or pyramids in Jungle. There are shipwrecks in the oceans now as well. You get an Epic Medallion every time you make a new discovery and you can also get awards for discovering a certain number.

Epic Medallions can be donated to your Club and go toward unlocking new building/decor slots. For people not into clubs, you can sell them and make a nice tidy pile of coin.

(In game, the club “Where The Drafts Go” maintains a good list)

Epic Finds by Biome

Alpine — Abandoned Nest
Badlands — Moeriki, Cairn
Bamboo — Forest Panda Statue
Blacksands — Dragon Statue
Dark Forest — Dead Massive Tree, Web Dome
Decay — Massive Mastodon Skull
Desert — Pyramid, Tri-Pyramid
Fall Forest — Gaia Tree
Fjords — Giant’s Causeway
Ice — Ice Cave
Jungle — Step Pyramid
Mediterranean — Massive Shell
Mesa — Stone Spire
Plains — Crashed Island, Hover Stone
Rainforest — Massive Sequoia
Salt Flats — Arbol De Piedra
Savanna — Baobab
Snow — Snowman
Stone Forest — Pu Pu, Spiral Spire
Swamp — Stone Golem
Taiga — Lost Vikings
Tundra — Henge, Massive Moai
Wonderland — Compound Mushroom, Massive Gladiolus
Volcanic — Oracle

Waters: Beaver Dam, Mermaid Statue, Poseidon Statue, Shipwreck

Stone Golem in Swamp
Beaver Dam in Taiga Marsh
Pyramid in Jungle
Giant Sequoia in Rain Forest
Fall Forest Gaia Tree
Black Sands (Fire and Ice) Dragon Statue
Wonderland – Massive Gladiolus
Fjords – Giants Causeway
Dark Forest – Web Dome
Plains – Hover Stone (makes YOU hover!)
Mesa – Stone Spire
Plains – Crashed Island
Ice Cave
Medi – Massive Shell
Stone Forest – Spiral
Desert – Pyramid
Wonderland – Compound Mushroom
Desert – Tri Pyramid
Volcanic – Oracle
Dark Forest – Dead Massive Tree
Taiga – Lost Viking
Sandstone – Arbol De Piedra
Savanna – Baobab

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