Horse Isle 3 – Unwritten Rules of Politeness

We all know about the Site Terms of Service, but if you’re new to a community it’s also nice to know about the customs and best practices that keep it running smoothly.  You know, those rules that aren’t written down anywhere but if you run afoul of them you’re pissing people off without knowing it.  Since I like to know about that kind of thing, I figured I’d share what I’ve noticed about them here, too.  Knowing some of these can save you time and Essence, too!

Basic Chat Guidelines

Help Chat is great for asking questions and doesn’t use up your Essence.  People are pretty friendly and helpful too.

When getting started, lots of answers are found by looking at the “Beginner Bird” information, found under the blue question mark to the upper right.

Also, lots of great information about where to find wilds, and where to find gatherable resources, is in the Library.  You can find those in most clubs.

Use the right chat for the right reason.  If selling, use Ads.  If asking questions about riddle boxes and such, use Help.

Keep Global conversation light.  Lots of people come to Horse Isle to get away from their troubles, so discussion of heavy topics is best left to PM or some kind of group chat.


Logging in and around a club, or around someone else’s ranch, usually irritates people.  Sure, trees grow back, but it takes a while and looks ugly in the meantime.  Many clubs (like TigerTon, Where The Drafts Go, and Zoo for example) have designated gathering areas linked to their wagons.  Those are spots meant for people to go and log to their hearts content.


Similarly, when you are gathering resources in a place you haven’t discovered yourself, it’s best to take only what you need for a quest or whatever.  Some clubs have gathering quests where they ask you to gather in a particular spot, this is especially important in situations like this.

Other people’s gathering spots

If you are looking for a rare resource and someone kindly shares a spot with you, again, only take what you need.  You can also save your own secret gathering spots but again it’s best to save only those that you’ve discovered yourself, whenever possible.

Catching Wilds

Generally if you see someone else trying to catch a wild, it’s polite to move along.  There are infinite wild horses after all.  And if that wild was one you really wanted for some reason, you can totally ask them (politely) in PM after they catch it.

Placing Ranches

Since creating a ranch means you own that land and can do whatever you want with it, it’s best to only place your ranches in spots you discovered yourself.  I recently heard about someone who had shared a prime location for gathering almonds and plums (a pretty rare biome called an Almond Isle) and later they came back and found someone had built a ranch there so they could no longer gather.  Now, there’s no actual rule against this but it’s basic courtesy.   To be sure, you could always pick Undiscovered areas just to be sure.


If there’s a huge crowd, it’s best to avoid using torches or campfires.  Those suck system resources and make slower computers lag badly.  I learned this one the hard way!


Anyway, I hope you all found this useful.   This isn’t meant to be some hardcore list of guidelines set in stone, but more a way to help everyone get along better.  Follow these and you’ll never look like a Newb.


Interested in joining? 

Click  HERE or go to the HI3 site and put in my user ID, 1023.   Whenever you buy your first subscription, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Esroh Essence (good for more energy) and 1000 gold dust to help you along!


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