Horse Isle 3 Hints – Sticky Situations

In Horse Isle 3 your character cannot die, however you can get into some really sticky and inconvenient situations.  This will show you at least one way of getting out of every single one.  I’ll also tell you where you might encounter these things and you’ll be able to see what they look like on the minimap.   As more difficulties arise I’ll add on to this list as needed.

Basic Tips for Traveling

Save frequently.  It’s perfectly okay to set up a Quick Travel point and just save over top of it periodically.  If you do that, you can just QT back to a nearby place.

Keep an eye on where you’re going.  If you have a path following horse, sometimes they will run you straight into a pit in the ground.  Or maybe off the side of a Fjord cliff.

Don’t Panic.  There’s a way out of nearly every situation.

You can always Quick Travel out of any of these, situations, but what if you’re nearly out of Travel points?  You can also QT to a club.  Going to the nearest one can reduce your point cost.  If you get lucky you can also use a Free Party Trip to get out.  That’s also nice if you’ve managed to travel a really long distance across the map and need to get back.


Tar Pits

The stickiest of sticky situations is the Tar Pit.  They are found only in Decay biomes and look like small black lakes on your map.

If you stay out of the slick, black pools you will still be able to move somewhat, but beware, the sides of the tar pit are slippery and it’s tough to climb out without falling into the tar.  If you fall in, you can sometimes use %pokehorse to get your horse to throw you out.  Another way out is to have someone lasso you, and pull you out.

Tip: You can dig tar with your shovel by standing near them, you don’t even have to be in the sticky part to get the tar.  It’s similar to digging red algae around hot springs.

Tar Pit


In the lands near Stone Forests, there are great gray plains with cracks running through them.  It takes a brave horse to jump them but it can be done.  If by chance you fall in, you can try to jump out.  Generally it’s best to try and jump or walk to the nearest end because the cracks are shallowest there.  Use the spacebar to repeatedly jump.

Deep CrackCrack from SurfaceBottom of the crack

Holes in the Ground

To get out of a hole in the ground, the only way other than QTing or being lassoed is to tap the spacebar repeatedly while pressing “Up” and “Right.”  I’ve tried it with “Up” and “Left” or “Up” only and they don’t seem to work as well.  Holes with water in the bottom are a lot harder to climb out of.  In that situation a lasso or a QT is really the best option.

Dry pits are found in Rainforest, ones with water are found in Jungle.   Both often occur along paths.  It’s a good idea to use a torch when traveling at night because they can be pretty difficult to see.

Rainforest PitCenote

Dangerous Paths

In caves you can find Dangerous Paths.  Those in particular happen in caves under sandy desert biomes, though there are other places that have similarly tricky terrein.

You can try charging your bravest horse at the wall and get it to shoot up and over.  You can also look for sloping areas so you can climb out, as seen on the right side in the picture.  In this case though, the best thing to do is to save up the Essence to buy a Grappling Bow.  It’s not too expensive and it can get you out of any such underground situation!

Dangerous Path

Climbing tall objects

In many cases you can hit the spacebar repeatedly while hitting up, or up and right, to climb tall things.

If you have a very brave horse with a good speed stat you can also sometimes get them sprinting and shoot them up the side of the object.  This works really well in Badlands, somewhat well in Dangerous Paths and Mesas, not well at all in Fjords, and won’t work with buildings.


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