Horse Isle 3 – finding the elusive Nightshade

It was months until I even saw my first Black Nightshade, despite a diligent search.  Normally I wouldn’t have cared but I needed it for a particularly tough quest that demanded I pick 3.  I searched Decay Biome after Decay Biome, never finding even one.  I asked people for advice.  I used one of my Ranch Planters to display one for me so I could see what I was looking for.  I even traveled 1.5 kk away from Center so I could make sure I was in a Biome nobody had even visited!  My quest taught me a lot and I’m passing these tips on to you.

What’s this stuff good for, anyway?

Most of the time people just use Nightshade for making dyes and for quests.  It’s also a flower you can photograph to get points.  If you just want black dye, a simple and easy recipe is 10 blackberries, though there are plenty others.  Quests require that you pick the nightshade yourself, not buy it, trade it, or find it in a Pitcher.  Unfortunately, Black Nightshade is the rarest item in the game!

Best Tips for finding Nightshade

If you just need it for dyes, visit a Shopping Board (found at most Clubs) and look for it.  There are plenty of people selling.

If you want to find it yourself, you are better off opening Pitcher plants (found in most Swamp Areas) as they are a random item you can get.  You can find up to three at one time in Pitcher Plants.

If you need it for a quest, though, you have to pick it yourself.

So that means finding a Decay Biome.  That’s the one that’s mostly tan, filled with dinosaur bones and opalized wood.  Keep in mind that not all of them contain Black Nightshade.

You can ask others for a nightshade location – but be careful here.  Don’t go and pick the nightshade they’ve shown you.  Use your Map and mark a place a ways off from the original nightshade, and stay over there.  You now know this particular patch of Decay has it, so you can search everywhere EXCEPT where the original flower was.  After all, they may need that one later.

If you just find one flower, you can save a Travel location for it, pick it, and come back.  In roughly three to six days the flower grows back and you can pick it again.  I’ve tested them and they do grow back in generally the same spot.

Try searching from overhead.  This can sometimes filter out the meh plants.

Try looking around Brain Mountains.  The contrast is better, so you can see them a little easier.

Try searching the shadows.  Black Nighthshade have been known to hide in the shadows of bones.

Remember they are rare – but they are there – especially if you search a Decay Biome where flowers have been known to grow before.

That said, don’t search highly traveled spots, as they are likely to be picked over.

Here are pictures of Nightshade so you can see what all the hullabaloo is about.

(But first)

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Nightshade 1
A black Nightshade Flower
Nightshade 2
From Overhead – try searching this way
Nightshade 3
From a distance
Nightshade 4
From horseback

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