The First Church of the Fourth Wall

When someone asks me whether I go to church, this is what I should say.


“Sure.  I’m an Atheist, but I go to the First Church of the Fourth Wall.”

They might say “what in the world is that?”

And I’d say, “We all believe that life is some form of fiction for someone else’s entertainment, so we believe that we need to live lives that are as entertaining and dramatic as possible.  We have three different sects at the moment, but because there aren’t that many of us we all still go to the same church.

“One sect  of this church believes that we’re all in a movie or a TV show.  Another says that we’re part of a webcomic or other type of serial graphic story.  The third, the one I’m part of, believes we’re all player characters in some giant role playing campaign, and I really want to have a word with my GM!”

The GM is not a god, by the way.  The Game Master, or Mistress, is very fallible, very human, often loses notes, and can occasionally be bribed to fudge die rolls with pizza.

The Pharmacy Time Machine

A member called me and said “My doctor authorized me to get three pills a day. WHY am I only being sent two pills a day?”

I asked for the prescription number. It dated back to 2010.  This happened in 2014.

“It must be an old bottle,” she said. “But why am I only getting two a day? My prescription says three a day.”

I asked her when the last time was that she got medicine from us.

“I’m expecting it any day now,” she said. “You’re supposed to be sending it. I have the prescription right here.”

“Have you sent it in yet?”

“No. But it says three a day.”

Okay, let me get this straight. The last bottle this person has from us dates from four years ago. We have to have the prescription, of course, before we can send medicine.

She isn’t asking me why we haven’t sent the medicine yet, she’s asking me why her bottle, now, says two a day. So she’s asking me in effect why her prescription, that she is holding in her hand and hasn’t sent in, doesn’t change the bottle that she got four years ago to read “three a day.”

I politely told her she had to send in her prescription and we would be happy to send her three a day.

“Oh,” she said, as if it was a new idea. She was not elderly. She was a working professional. Who apparently thinks I have a time machine.

The Adult Book Store

Someday, I want to run a place called “The Adult Book Store.”  When you come in, you would find a comfortable, friendly environment, filled with resources of all kinds.  There would be advice on picking out real estate, books on home repair, financial planning, cooking, raising children, home defense, history, gardening, brewing, vinting, health, and self improvement.

I’d have good books on tape CD like Tom Clancy, Robert Heinlein, L. Neill Smith and many others, as well as the most immortal classics.  I might even stock adult coloring books.  Maybe I’d have books on art and poetry and handicrafts.  Maybe I’d have music or good classic movies.  Everything an adult could need would be in my bookstore.

I’d probably have porn, too.

Sarcastic Answers to Stupid Spam

Here is a collection of spam questions, and sarcastic answers to it that I found funny.  In the WebMD Answers forum I frequent, it’s better to put an answer on a spam post, because it causes the spam to drop off the ‘unanswered questions’ list while we’re waiting for moderators to delete it.  So here are some of the more amusing pieces of spam, and their “answers.”

URLs have been deleted to avoid giving them any fame.


What does sleigh mean in cot beds?

Abacus Baby stock a wide range of baby products from pushchairs, car seats, cots and baby changing accessories, all at highly competitive prices.


It’s a magical cot bed that takes you on wild ride through a fantasy landscape adorned with snow.  Watch out for the White Queen.

She might report you.



Flawless Elite Cream Reviews you have usual skin tone, moisturizing after daily must be enough, but should you have dried skin tone or skin tone using a situation you may want to look at moisturizing a second time every day :


Wow.  How did you know?.  I totally have dried skin tone AND skin tone using a situation!  I can really use that “supplement.”

And… reported.



Today, I’m going to reduction out all of the important things that go into a dexterously meant bodybuilding diet and go ahead you how to put it all together for maximum efficiency



Today, I’m going to reduction out all the SPAM so that I can go on a dexterously meant spamtossing program.




Dermafi Cream Reviews will find without any formulas available of which offers you a method to renew this misplaced firming tissue that you’ll require as a way to get rid of the bulk of this lines on your pores and skin by way of example.


Really?  I have lines ON my PORES?  Wow.  How did I get those?




Flawless Elite Cream Reviews These unique elements work magic in opposition to drying and breakouts, and can make it much easier for the elements for being absorbed to the skin tone. Aloe Notara itself is usually 100 percent healthy,



“Aloe Notara itself is usually 100 percent healthy.”  Okay, great.  But what about my skin when I put the stuff on me?  I’m glad the plant is feeling well, but will I?



Colon Rejuvenator Reviews thirty days just isn’t prolonged sufficient with regard to enhanced androgenic hormone or testosterone amounts in order to have an affect on muscle mass growth as well as growth.


As much as I would like to see my colon rejuvenated like a flower in the desert after Monsoon, I fail to see how testosterone  has anything to do with it.  Oh wait.  It’s because this is SPAM.



Add at least 1 cup of well-ventilated or sedated blueberries or supplementary berries a day to your diet.


I want to know where to buy well ventilated or sedated blueberries!