Convincing one cat to eat with relish

It can be pretty hard to convince my cat to eat.

She has this habit of liking a food, eating happily for a few days to a few weeks, then deciding she hates it.

Lately, this even happened with her favorite type of treats!

Mixing a little Meow Mix kibble with a bit of water seems to be the best thing that she’ll reliably eat but that she eventually get tired of that too.

Interspersing this with Sheba pate seems to have the best effect but not even that is a guarantee.

We’ve tried so many things!  All kinds of Friskies, even the odd flavors like cod with cheese and bacon.  Meat only foods.  Grain free foods.  Organic foods.  Broths.  Bisques. Purees.  Bits.  We’ve tried it in a blender because we know she has trouble with her teeth.  We’ve tried it in single use cans so it’s not too cold to smell.  We’ve tried withholding food for a short time to let her get hungry.  Not for more than part of a day, of course – it’s bad for cats to fast.

In the final analysis – what do I catch her eating, with relish, almost every time?

A lettuce leaf.

Silly cat.


via Daily Prompt: Relish

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