For Those With Stuffy Noses

your guide to beating a cold if you have narrow nasal passages
As a chronic cold sufferer, I’ve developed some good strategies for shortening the time I’m down with a cold. Some of them are old reliable remedies, but this multi-phase approach has helped me knock days off of my recovery time.
I have really narrow nasal passages and allergies so I get stuffy easily. This also leads to sinus infections. If you’re like me, you’ll be helped by these tips.

During the runny phase

Go with Garlic

First, believe what your grandmother says about chicken soup. It really is good for you, especially if it has lots of garlic. It treats scratchy throats and may have some antiviral effects.
If you don’t want garlicky chicken soup, cut a clove of garlic into small pieces and swallow them with water. It’ll make your sweat smell like garlic, but it’ll help you beat that cold.
Rest Up
We all know that it’s good to rest when you are sick. That’s because our body does most of its healing when you are asleep. Elevate the head of your bed to help with stuffiness.

During the Stuffy phase

Take hot showers

Inhale warm vapor to help loosen mucus and clear more of it out. Eucalyptus and mint help with this.
Use a nasal spray

Use a nasal spray like Afrin or the generic, but only when your nose is stuffy, and only for a few days. This will help you breathe and prevent crud from building up, causing pain and sinus infections. Overuse will cause a backlash when you stop using the spray.
Rinse with saline

IF you can stand it, rinse out your nose and sinuses with warm salt water. Don’t make the solution too strong or too hot.

When you are coughing

Suck on Something

Cough drops can help, get the ones with menthol or eucalyptus.
Whet your Whistle

Drink plenty of black tea with honey and lemon. The astringent properties help a sore throat.
If you need more help, you can use a cough syrup or honey, but try not to overuse it unless you are trying to get to sleep. Clearing your lungs means the cold goes away faster.

For more tips about controlling coughs, check out this post: Favorite Home Remedies for Cough

During all phases

Avoid multisymptom cold medicines

Just treat the symptoms you are having. Multisymptom cold medicines can actually make you feel worse and slow healing.
Drink lots of fluids

Water, salty broth, black tea, and green tea are all great for colds. They moisten tissues and thin phlegm.

I’ve found that by treating the different phases of my colds differently, I’ve been able to get back to work a lot faster and be less miserable.


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