Favorite Home Remedies for Cough

Having just gotten over a nasty case of bronchitis, home remedies have become foremost in my thoughts. Some home remedies are better and more effective than anything on the drug store counter. Here are a few of my favorites:

For cough, a spoonfull of honey can help. Black tea with honey is better. It soothes the throat. Breathing eucalyptus and mint steam is good for congestion and cough.

Hot, steamy showers help break up congestion and let you cough up phleghm too. And when my cough gets really bad, a half shot of peppermint schnapps helps better than regular cough syrup.

Sore throats are soothed by horehound lozenges. This type of candy is great for that!

Regular cough drops are good, I like Ricola or Fisherman’s Friend. So is a peppermint herbal inhaler, or Vicks. Just breathing the vapor from an open tub of it is good.

Another great remedy is ginger tea with honey. You can make that from fresh or dried ginger, or even powder.

I made a great throat remedy by mixing powdered spiced cider with ginger and hot water, with a little honey added. Made my throat feel great.

It’s also said that eating a clove of garlic a day, swallowed with water, helps the lungs. Chewing on parsley afterwards helps the breath.

Chicken soup or even just broth is good to make your throat feel better.

Salt water gargles are good for the throat too.

Also, it helps to know what the cough is caused by. If it’s a dry, itchy cough that doesn’t produce much, you are safe to use a cough syrup with dextromethorphan, such as Tussin. If it produces mucous, it’s a better idea to try tea and hot steamy showers, because you want that junk out of your lungs.

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