Is Bill O’Reilly predicting the next Jaffa invasion? 

Photo used under Creative Commons.  I don’t own it.


After all, he’s asking Donald Trump how he intends to employ black voters with tattoos on their foreheads.  He acts like this is a common condition of underemployed black men!

I don’t know if you’ve seen anyone with a forehead tattoo, let alone a black person with a forehead tattoo, anywhere except on Stargate.  I sure haven’t.  I’ve seen people with facial tattoos of other kinds on cheek, temple, neck, once in a blue moon the chin, but never on the forehead.   In fact, I can’t think of any other group of people who regularly have forehead tattoos!

So, I have to ask, is there something Bill O’Reilly knows that we don’t?  Are there groups of Jaffa, secretly living and working in our midst, or maybe not working because they can’t find jobs with their facial disfigurement?  Is that why they go to work for Goa’uld System Lords, because they can’t find work elsewhere?  I’d always thought the System Lord gave them the tattoo, but perhaps it’s the other way around?

Maybe Obama, who looks suspiciously like the System Lord Apophis, will decide to build a giant pyramid in DC as a public works project and also to land his starship on, and use all those Jaffa to guard it as we human slaves work on it?


apophis and obama
Whatever the case may be, shel kek nem ron.

6 thoughts on “Is Bill O’Reilly predicting the next Jaffa invasion? 

  1. Ironically, the largest group of people with forehead tattoos are actually white and male. Just Google forehead tattoos, and those will be most of the images you see. Unsurprisingly, most of them are members of various prison gangs, like the Aryan Brotherhood.


    1. Actually, White males are only in 2nd place for forehead tattoos. Latinos are in 1st place. Yet, that is the only wrong point in your comment as these sorts of tattoos are almost exclusive to the prison gang populations. Black males seem to have gone different directions when it comes to facial markings.

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      1. Interesting. Thanks for the clarification! At least now I know there are other people who actually have them in real life.


      2. Yep and, from what I’ve seen, just about only the Jaffa (Fictional) look good with them. LOL

        OK, I once saw a woman with celtic knotwork tatted on her forehead who looked damn good…but I think she would have looked damn good no matter what so…

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