How to catch a horse in Horse Isle 3

So, you’ve traveled across the countryside.  You’ve seen a wild horse!  This is pretty likely, since they can appear pretty much anywhere – even on ranches and club land.  So what do you do now?

Catching horses can be a lot of fun but at when you are just learning how to play, it can be frustrating too.  There are two ways to do it.  You can use a lasso, obtainable for the low, low cost of 10 Essence, or you can craft Treats and catch them that way.

Using a Lasso:

If you are using a Lasso, it helps to start while you are about as close to the wild horse as you can get before it starts running away.  Approach slowly until you see the horse’s head come up, then stop.  Most horses, except for the most skittish ones, will hold still at that distance, and it varies from horse to horse.  When you are just beginning, it’s often best to try positioning yourself so that the horse’s head is pointed to the left and you are square with it, like this:

Catching a pony

Then, you can stay in first person view, or zoom out with your scroll wheel so that you can see what the lasso is doing.  At this distance you should only need two to three swings.  Aim for the head, and release the lasso just before it’s on the mark.  This will get easier and easier with practice.  You can also try this on floating Essence, that’s a great way to practice pinpoint rope work.

Once you have a horse, it’s good to be mounted and try from there.  Wilds are slightly easier to catch when they are a bit lower than you.  Also, having a horse that doesn’t have a high head carriage helps here.  Try different positions till you see what works best for you.

Using Treats:

If you’re thoroughly frustrated with the lasso, or just want another way to catch wild horses, it’s time to craft Treats.  Most of the gatherables in Horse Isle have different flavor categories.  You can start by picking a bunch of berries, fruit, grasses, grains, etcetera.  Then head to a club house (the tall, round building in every club town) or to your own house if you have one.  Click on the building and “craft treats” comes up as an option.

Club House
A Club House

To craft a treat, you need at least three different flavors.  For instance, if you had lemons, rice grains, and apples, that would be a Sour, Grainy, Fruity treat.  You can have up to five flavors in a treat.  For catching wild horses, it doesn’t matter what the flavor is so just make a bunch of treats with the most readily available ingredients.

Once you have made some treats, go find yourself a wild horse.  Dismount (if you already have a horse) and walk a little bit away so your own pony doesn’t eat the treat.

Go to your inventory and pick a treat.  Hold down the left mouse button to hold it out, and slowly walk toward the wild horse’s head.  In order to walk slowly, hold down the shift key.  If that doesn’t work, then you may need to map that key at the game start screen – ask in Help if you aren’t sure how.

Here are the steps again:

Get near the wild horse and away from any tame ones.

Hold left mouse button, while also holding down shift, while walking.

Left shift button and arrow keys work well here.

Walk toward the head of the horse.   The horse will take the treat, or not, and you might catch it.  Sometimes it takes two or three tries to catch a wild, so it’s a good thing treats are cheap!

Other ways of getting horses:

Auction houses are in many clubs, and you can go to Ads chat to see what’s being sold.  You don’t have to be a subscriber to use options.

Clubs also have player owned stores, and many of them have horses.  Search through their inventory using the Shopping Board.  It looks like  a sign and can be found at clubs.

You can also breed them – using other people’s breeding bars, or store studding, if need be – but that’s a whole ‘nother article.

Lately, people do Live Auctions too so you can watch Ads chat for one of those.


Horses can now wander away from you, or even get spooked by your lasso.  They will usually be just standing there, or grazing, until you approach.  When you get close enough, their head will come up and they’ll face you.  This happens at varying distances.  Generally the horses with worse stats will stand there like a lump as you ride or walk near, while others might even start to run just as your rope reaches them!  Horses in Dark Forest, or in caves, tend to be especially skittish.

If you have a horse that starts to react at a point when you are still too far away to comfortably use your lasso, this might be a good time to try Treating instead.  Usually you can get a horse within 1-3 treats.


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