Horse Isle 3 – the Essence Anomaly – Updated

A recent update introduced something called an Essence Anomaly.  Anyone who plays Horse Isle will know that Essence buys equipment and various account perks like the kayak, the pony cart, the chariot, the ability to sense wild horses, the sailboat, the hot air balloon and even musical instruments.  You can run around all over the map and gather Essence that way but it’s nice to get a boost at times.

Enter the Essence Anomaly.  Basically it’s a big ball of essence floating in the sky, and it’s at a random place.  You have 30 minutes to travel to it, or find someone else to help you travel to it.  If you are within 200 meters of it when the time is up, you get 150-250 Essence all at once.  Information about these are announced as Server Events, like Mane Event, water balloon throwing parties, etc.  It’ll show up as a green button on the right side of your screen so you can find out the heading – that way you’ll know how far away it is, and in what direction.

You will also probably see plenty of talk about it in Global Chat.  Most of the time if it’s attainable, someone will set up an Adventuring Party, which I would highly recommend joining.

Here is what the relevant news post has to say about it:

+ A random spot (up to 750 km from center, may be ocean) spawns an Essence Anomaly.
+ Every player who gets there in the allotted time will receive bonus at end.
+ Bonus is 150 to 250 essence.
+ New ‘Anomaly Researcher’ Award tracks completions.
+ Hint: SoundFX is silent as you get near the heart of the anomaly.

(There have been updates since that news posting, in distance from center, and in duration, but I’ve fixed them here.)

Tips if you have a slow computer:

You can be up to 200 meters away from the Anomaly so it’s better to stand near the edge.

Try turning your quality down temporarily.

Look at the ground or away from the group if you start lagging really badly.

Essence Anomaly Etiquette:

Since some of our computers lag terribly at these Anomaly gatherings, especially since a couple hundred players might show up, here are some general hints.

It’s nice to dismount, just to reduce the polygon count.

Don’t light any fires or carry torches.

Put away extra equipment like carts or chariots.

If you’re part of a party, and you’re on the way to the Anomaly, try and grab some Essence.  It benefits the group.

It’s nice to help invite new players who are late to the party.

Tips to getting there quickly:

Watch Global chat when an anomaly is announced.  Usually someone will say what club it’s near, and may start a party.

If you are a member of a party, you can quick travel to other party member locations – saving yourself time running.

If you have a glider and a balloon but no place to launch from, you can use the balloon to rise to the top of any Clubhouse and launch from there!

If traveling by sea, the Sailboat is fastest – when the wind is with you.  Otherwise the Kayak, manually paddled, is fastest.

If you are near the Anomaly and want to know where it is you grab the heading, go to your map, and scroll around to see it.  Try zooming out if it’s a distance away.

Sometimes clubs have Wagon Routes to locations near the club – one of them may be closer to the Anomaly.

If yo lose your heading, typing %Anomaly in chat will get it back.

Be polite in all your requests and be patient when asking for invites!  People don’t have to invite you to parties/locations – but they usually will if you are polite.

Wondering what that cool Essence Anomaly actually looks like?

I have pictures!  I’m the guy on the black WAR UNICORN at center, with the red saddle blanket.  He’s got big hooves and I’m dressed all in black with a black hat.

Like to join me on this awesome game?  If you would, make sure and use this link or place my ID, 1023, in the box when you join.
That way, if you ever decide to buy a subscription, even for one month, you’ll get a bonus 1000 essence, plus 10 Esroh Essence to help you get started.  A subscription costs 500 Mobia per month and you can buy Mobia from other players in-game if you don’t have cash to spend.
anomaly madness
The wackiness as everyone gathers (note stars in sky)
Essence Anomaly
The anomaly itself, taken at night

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