Map to Genkijima

In the last entry, I promised to post a copy of the map I mentioned once I got it done.  I made this on a big sheet of foamcore, and it’s truly no great work of art but was fun to do and also does the job.  I have fourteen foil stars indicating fourteen pounds lost on the path, as you can see.  I’m using silver ones for regular pounds lost and gold ones for each tenth pound.  It’s now hanging on my living room wall, just as obnoxiously colorful as you please!

On this map you can see such places as “Monotony Marsh,”  “Give-up Grounds,” “Pitfalls,” the beacon at “Onederland,” and “the Running Fields.”  I could have made a much prettier version digitally but I don’t think it would be quite as compelling.


Genkijima Map 1000


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