The nail-biting wait for Live

A nearly infinite world that would take you twenty-five trips around the Earth to cross…

A land with over 25 different climate types and sub variations of each…

Room to build civilization or stay in the wilds as you wish…

A near infinite variety of horses for capture, breeding, riding, sale or competition…

Clubs to join, friends to make, updates to watch, and games to play…

All this and more awaits me in Horse Isle 3.

I’ve said elsewhere that this is nearly the perfect game for me to play.  It’s going Live within the next few days and I’m going crazy waiting!

I didn’t make it into Alpha testing but I’ve been part of Beta since a few days before it went to Open Beta.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of my suggestions approved and I’ve helped test all the features as they were introduced.  Since May, I’ve built my game up from scratch twice as things have been reset for testing.

Now, at long last, we’re going Live sometime this weekend!  All my horses will stay now, and whatever I build, and whatever I discover.  I intend to create an incredible Club Village in the deep forest, somewhere, with all the amenities of home plus a few surprises.  (If you’re reading this, and want to join, it’s called TigerTon and will have a low in-game dues requirement.  Just a bit of wood and stone so we can make more buildings.)

I want to go find a pretty private island to build a ranch on, perhaps with a couple satellite ranches in other areas so I can more easily harvest the resources.  I’m going to breed miniature horses, but also try to get one big strong draft mare, for traveling in snow, and a couple slim legged runners, for general running around, and a small but fast pony for ice.  All of them in Mosaic or Silver Dapple Black would be lovely.  This can be done with a little time and work.

Now to make sure my four legged friends don’t have a very high stubbornness score, but are very brave.  They’ll need that!

Here are some recent screen shots so you can all see what the game looks like, and also I have quite a few tips listed here on the Horse Isle 3 Hints page.

Thank you, Durbin Development, for making such a great, family friendly, optimistic game!  You’re true gems among game developers.  I really appreciate the fact that they use mostly open source software and are a small family owned company, so that makes me want to support them even more.

Come on Live!  I can’t wait for the world to start anew!

dawn glowglowing stonemysterious bonessnow ghostssnowfieldsVista and not windows

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