“The Art of Manliness,” a good read for anyone.




I happen to possess a pair of x chromosomes, yet I am still an avid reader of the Art of Manliness by Brett McKay and other contributors.  It’s a really good read and the site is chock full of awesome tips, knowledge, motivation and philosophy.  I don’t show myself in the forums or contribute, but I happily soak up the knowledge and learn a whole lot every time I go there.

I’m interested in becoming stronger, more confident, more gentlewomanly, more straight in my dealings, and more independent.  I want to build my lean muscle mass, know what they are talking about at the lumber store, be able to patch drywall, and maintain my own car. And knowing about shaving and men’s fashions is useful in case I need to give someone a gift.  I also want to be prepared in case something happens to my little family, disaster or otherwise.  I respect people like Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt.  So the Art of Manliness really is for me.

Here’s a sampling of the things you can learn there, whether you are male or female:

Home repair, fitness, vehicle maintenance, really great easy to follow guides on skills – everything from grooming to wilderness survival, excerpts of classic books and texts, cooking, hobbies, so much more.  They try to put together everything you need to be a complete man – nay, a complete human being.

What I like most about AOM is it sets out to teach you all those skills you might have learned from your grandpa – skills that are dying rapidly.  So I read, learn, and start to carry the torch forward.

If you are curious too, click here:

Art of Manliness Blog


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