Nothing any government gives you is free

Recently, I read a sentence that included the words “a free gift from the state.”

This is impossible!

It cannot happen, it cannot be done. There IS no such thing.  It’s like expecting the sky to turn purple with yellow polka dots at high noon.

Why is that?

Any government that gives anything to anyone had to get those resources from somewhere. So even if there is no apparent cost to an individual, it had to be paid for in some way. “Free” education is paid for by tax revenue. “Free” healthcare is paid for by more taxes and fees. “Free” welfare is also paid for by more taxes and more fees. Consider also that anything run by any government requires bureaucracy and oversight and is usually full of waste, and therefore is much less efficient than something in the private sector. So it’s ultimately more expensive than a private charity, for example.

I’m not making a statement about the value of programs, I am just making the point that there is no such thing as free when it comes to government.

I mention this because I have seen some people have the simplistic idea that the president of the United States, for example, is like a king who “gives” people things out of his personal money.  That does not happen.

Simply remember, whenever any government “gives” anyone anything, the money had to come from somewhere, and usually at a higher cost because of all the bureaucracy.

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