Life – as Art

“You tell your own life’s story. What kind of story do you want to tell?”

I heard words similar to this from my rather wise partner, and I’ve been pondering them. In thinking about how to make my story a better one, I most especially think of the quality of my acts.

Art implies a certain amount of quality and care that goes beyond the norm. The words of a poem are carefully chosen, calligraphy is meticulously done, a painting can have care put into every stroke. Therefore, to make my life into art, to tell my life’s story eloquently and well, I should take more care with my actions.

I can enjoy the artistry with which I drive to work, for example. I can try to avoid sloppiness in what I do. When I speak, I can try to remove clumsy word choices. I can spend a bit more time practicing my handwriting so that it is more elegant. I can cook well, and take an extra moment to plate things appealingly. I can also be intentional about how I spend my time. There are so many ways my life, and yours too, can become art.

What are some of the ways you can imagine this being possible? I welcome your comments.

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