A Beautiful Love Story

Once, long ago, there was a beautiful young woman in love with a handsome young man. They dated throughout high school but eventually parted when they went off to college. The young woman met and married another young man, and they had a long happy marriage of forty years or more.

Sadly, after this long partnership, the woman, now growing old, was widowed. Her husband gone, she was alone.
Many would expect a sad end to her story.

But… her love story wasn’t over. She met another man, grown wise and mature, and fell in love. Over conversations she learned he was her beau of old, her first love. They discovered they still had feelings for each other and had even lived in the same town all these years…. and then, after nearly half a century, they finally married. They are married still, in love, and happy with each other in the autumn of their lives.

It’s a true story… spun out over a late night call with a charming older woman, one of those I give a little extra time to, when the monitors aren’t listening and the hours grow long.  Inside each of us is that young person in love. I wish them well.

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