Things I thought when I was 5

And now, for something a little more lighthearted.

Here’s a list of things I thought were true when I was 5!

(Note: I’m a black wearing, whiskey drinking metalhead now.)

When I was 5, pink was my absolute favorite color.

I loved Yoda and the Six Million Dollar Man, but had never seen either of them on screen.  All I knew about them were what my dad had told me about them, and in the case of Yoda, I’d seen him on a library poster.

I thought you wore make up like a disguise, to drastically change your face, and I wanted a whole lot of it when I grew up.  I also thought actors and actresses did that, and looked entirely different than they normally did in real life.  Note, at that time I hadn’t seen any movies and I didn’t watch TV at all.

I also wanted to learn to wrestle, but when I heard that boys and girls couldn’t wrestle each other I said I’d wrestle my husband.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up but I kind of wanted to be a knight.

I already liked to draw, and I thought I’d never, ever learn to tie my shoes!

I was learning how to write and count around then, too, but I could already read well enough to finish a novel.

So, what kinds of things did you think when you were five years old?

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