The Case of the Oddly Egglike Yogurt

When I was young, my family and I prided ourselves on recycling by reusing old containers for odd purposes. I still do this to this day. Hummus tubs and cottage cheese containers make admirable substitutes for Tupperware. However, I can remember one time when it also made for a really funny story.

At the time we had hens, who laid heavily in the summer, far more than a family of three could eat. So we froze them. Those single serving yogurt cups made the perfect sized container to freeze two or three shelled eggs in and at one point our freezer was full of them.

Enter my friend, who was more conventional in his upbringing. He said “I’m hungry,” one day, and for some reason started digging through the freezer. “Can I have some yogurt?” he asked.

“That’s eggs,” I said.

“No, it’s yogurt,” he maintained. He opened the container, looked inside.

“Ew! Eggs!”

Told you.

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