Relief for a Sore Back

I haven’t been one for salves and unguents untill recently, but I have to say I love this salve my coworker makes. Much like the Healing Hand salve I mentioned in my earlier post about my ears, this stuff is made with good ingredients and it really works, and works fast. He makes it in such a way that the potency is excellent, and though it has a little lavendar essential oil in it, he didn’t over doe it.

Basically, it’s a salve of skullcap and valerian in a base of olive oil and beeswax. A little lavendar scent. That’s it. I’m not afraid to share the ingredients, because they are listed on his Etsy site, and all the artistry is in how it’s made – but this stuff is really great. The two active ingredients have a synergistic effect and do a great job relaxing the muscles. They don’t make you sleepy either because it’s not being ingested.

I have fixed sore necks and backs several times now, my own and my partner’s, and I am already planning my next purchase. I really like using something that is simple, free of extra ingredients, works better than what I could buy at the store, and is still far less expensive than anything at the pharmacy. Sometime I’ll make my own!

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