Entertainment: Change for Change’s Sake

If we are going to redo a well known story, I hope that the creators have a really good reason to make those changes. I don’t care if a retelling or reboot is different than the original if there’s a good reason other than “hey, we need more fart jokes” or “hey, it was boring when it made sense. Let’s make it NOT make sense.” I also have no problem where reboots or retellings cause the original material to make MORE sense, but this is usually quite rare.

I’m sick and tired of creators who want to tell a story, but are too lazy to write their own Instead they decide to use someone else’s story, and then make changes to it with no rhyme or reason. Take the movie “Starship Troopers” for example. Paul Verhoeven turned a thoughtful, Libertarian story into a film that simultaneously ridiculed the original material and also made it look like it supported fascism. A book that made some damn good points was turned into an orgy of mindless gore and chest thumping faux patriotism. Robert Heinlein is probably spinning in his grave.

There are so many examples of this, if you look around. “Let’s throw in a kid. A kid makes everything better.” “This character would be more interesting if they were a man/woman.” “Let’s take the original character, and completely flip everything around including their national origin and personality.” “How about changing the philosophical intent of the book/movie/game/whatever? That’s a good trick!” “Why? Because we can.”

How about a remake of a book or a movie that went closer to the original intent?

How about you? Have you seen this happening too?

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