Benefits of Good Sleep

Since I had less than four hours of sleep last night due to an overly inquisitive cat, this subject is foremost on my mind.

Many people think sleep is a waste of time. Far from it. It’s amazing what it really does for us!

Our body does most of its repair work when we sleap. Healing, recovery from illness, and growth all happen then.

Our brain not only rests, but also files away all the information we learned the previous day. If you have to take a test, you are better off getting a good night’s sleep before it than cramming all night.

Sleep also helps us with weight control. People who are chronically short on sleep tend to have more problems with weight gain, because when we need sleep we tend to eat more to compensate.

Did you know that often, there is more brain activity when we are asleep than when we are awake? The brain is busy sorting things and filing them, so that needed information will be easier to access when you next wake up. It’s kind of like running “findfast” on a Windows computer. The files are quicker to search for next time you need something.

You don’t have to get all your sleep at one time. Some people have great results with naps. And all of this talking about sleep is making me want one!

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