It’s easier than you think to self-publish!

There are some really great places to self publish these days. I love on-demand publishing. You provide the content, design the cover, do the editing, then submit the book. They will give you an ISBN, catalogue number, etc, and they will make the book available in print or in ebook format or both, depending on what you choose. When a customer buys the book you get part of the money and the printing company gets part. You keep the rights to your book and there is no up front cost.

I love this! For someone with a little know-how, it isn’t hard to make a good quality book that is easily the equal of anything in print. The books look as good as anything on the shelf. And you don’t need an agent, a contract, or anything else to make your work available to the public.

My two favorite self publishing companies are and Createspace is run by Amazon and is a little more user friendly, with a wider distribution available at the free level. But is good too. I’ve published books for others but will soon do one for myself. I’ve noticed that more and more established authors are switching to print-on-demand, and it’s becoming a lot more accepted in the industry.

Have you ever thought of publishing a book?

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