If you like cats, sci fi, and games…

…you’ll love Felisfire!

It’s a browser-based game where you can raise and breed several interesting breeds of xenofelinoid, most of which also have wings, on a far off planet in the future.  It’s a lot of fun seeing what kinds of markings you can put together for different looks, and you both have the ability to create custom cats but also breed existing ones together to see what happens.

The story is interesting and rich, the community warm and welcoming, and there are also other things you can do like explore the planet, play games, add different accessories to your cats for unique looks, and more.  Felisfire is coming out of Beta and there are more features being rolled out all the time.

One of the things I enjoy about Felisfire is that it is run by a small group of dedicated people, not a major media corporation.  This makes the moderators and staff very approachable and available if you want to talk to them.  The more I play online, the more I come to prefer games that aren’t owned by huge corporations  because I like to be treated like a person, not a cash cow.  FelisFire definitely treats you like a person.  It also doesn’t force you to be super involved every day, though you do get bonuses for consecutive logins.  You can play a little, or a lot, as you like, which is a real must for me.

If you’d like to try designing a cat and see some of the available breeds, check out this link:

Xenofelinoid Designer

If you’d like to get a free ticket for the next colony transport, feel free to use my User ID when joining, and afterwards contact me for help if you have any questions.  I might even decide to throw in a welcome gift or two.  My ID is 242, or you can click on the button below. 

See you on Planet Felisfire!

Here are some of my kitty designs so you can get an idea of the art style:

contest entryWater Kittehfelisfire5felisfire8felisfire7felisfire3felisfire4felisfire6felisfire9felisfire10felisfire1

If you love cats and things with wings…

I’ve been having fun posting about Horse Isle 3!  So I wanted to share a little about another game I enjoy, which is Felisfire.  I won’t be writing a guide for it but it’s a great game and has quite a unique charm.

Felisfire is cool because of its science fiction overtones, and it’s great for people who like cats and also like breeding games.

The premise is interesting.  You’re a scientist who has gone to the planet Felisfire to help colonize it but also study the indigenous wildlife.  Your ship, the VoidHawk (one of the coolest ship names I’ve ever heard, by the way) regularly makes trips back and forth to Terra to get supplies and send back specimens.  In the meantime, you are engaged in studying the colorful native creatures, called xenofelinoids, in your lab.

Gameplay involves item collection, feeding and caring for the cats, watching for interactions between different cats (usually to see if they have decided to breed or not), exploring the world, and doing other things like participating in world events and playing minigames.  Speaking of breeding, one of the things I like about the system is that you don’t just pick one cat and say “here, you breed with that cat,” and then get kits a few days later.  You need to wait for them to have enough interactions to decide they like each other.  Sure, there are items that will encourage them but it’s not an instant gratification type thing and honestly, seems really appropriate for felines.  Anyone who’s had cats knows that they usually do things when they choose to, in their own time!

There are many different kinds of xenofelinoids, and most have wings.  Though there are many more kinds than this, here are examples of what some of the different cats look like in my own Nest:

There are endless combinations and patterns to be found or bred in the game and some can be quite beautiful.  It’s also fun to see what other players come up with.  As you can see, through genetic tweaking in the labs of Felisfire, you can come up with color combinations that go from the realistic to the marvelous.

Felisfire has been in Beta quite a while but is going to go Live soon after all the bookkeeping and final tweaks are done.  Players get to keep their assets, their cats, items and so forth, so it won’t be a full reset.  If you are interested in checking out the game then feel free to join me by clicking on the button at the bottom.  Let me know you joined and I’ll be happy to answer questions and guide you around.

Another thing I like about FelisFire (and a requirement in the games that I’ll spend time in) is that it’s free to play.  You can get perks by spending a little money though, and that supports the staff.  It’s run by a small company, not a huge entertainment conglomerate, another attribute I love in my games.  It also doesn’t need a really fast computer to run because it doesn’t use animation.

In future, and if there is interest, I might write about the other games I enjoy, such as Aywas, LioDen, and the wonderful and quirky Improbable Island.

If you are interested in checking out FelisFire, it can be found at felisfire.com.  When signing up if you are asked who referred you, I’m Rohvannyc, ID number 10761!