Hipsterism? OBviously.

Daily Prompt: Obvious

via Daily Prompt: Obvious


My tongue is most firmly in my cheek with this title.

It can be a real ego stroke to act like someone’s insight was the most OBVIOUS thing ever, and OF COURSE you knew that.  Or some fact that might not be known to everyone.  However, it’s not the nicest thing either… so why do we do it?  Maybe not all of us do this, however I know I have.  Superiority can be fun, even though that can be hard to admit.

Yes, I’ve reveled in my knowledge of something.  I’ve been the proverbial hipster about things.  I think we’ll all find that we do this less as our mastery of life grows, as we learn more, as we grow up, as we find out how little we really know.  I’m sure you know the old saying, that when you’re young, you think you know everything, and when you get older you realize how little you know.  That, and your parents suddenly become smarter.  Knowing how little we know is the beginning of wisdom after all.

But of course…

You knew that.