Daybreak – a new trilogy begins

In my last entry, I mentioned using an early start to the day as a way to use the natural creative period many of us have in the morning.  As followers to this blog know, I am an author, so it makes sense that I spend part of my time working on a novel.

Even if I only get a page or so done before work, those bits of effort add up over time.  I’m roughly 120,000 words into a new science fiction trilogy.  it’s a little unusual in this day and age, but this trilogy is going to be illustrated.

Part of the illustrations are going to be done by me, taken from the pages of the main character’s sketchbook, but part of them are going to be digitally rendered.  If you’d like a sneak peek at some of the concept art, feel free to go here to my good friend and CG artist’s site.  I’m sure she’d appreciate a hello.

This trilogy is set in the present day, in a world that might as well be our own.  It follows the adventures of three friends who discover that they are the heirs to an alien heritage that goes back many thousands of years.  However, being just normal people, they have their own unique ways of reacting to this new and strange reality.

We have an utterly normal young woman working as a medical claims analyst, who is a flight student and an artist in her spare time, her friend who is a lead vocalist in a very small and obscure heavy metal band, and his girlfriend who is Japanese but on long-term stay in America.  This unlikely trio is cast into ever-deepening mystery coupled with danger.

It has been a real pleasure working with my friend the CG artist, and it feels amazing to see some of the craft and scenes from the books take life before my eyes!

Our goal is to have the first book out sometime this summer.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Entanglement – a story that transcends time and space

Dave Plassman’s patient fans finally have something new to read.  There is a new science fiction novel out, called Entanglement, and wow is it a rollicking journey!

Our main character is a recent graduate of  the University of Washingon,  Somewhat at loose ends, all they want to do is make enough for rent and gas.  They sign up for what advertizes to be a dream study to make an extra hundred dollars. That sleep study is more than it appears, and it turns into something that involves both virtual reality and interplanetary travel!  Will this intrepid student ever get home?  Will they want to?

People who are interested in the mind, memory, space travel, and ancient civilizations will enjoy this book.  Best of all, there’s a bonus prequel story at the end that has several surprises of its own.

An eBook version is available now and paperback is coming soon!

If you want to read more of Dave’s thoughts about space travel and the future of humanity, visit him at his blog:

Energy Minimum Road to Outer Space

Entanglement Cover 800.jpg


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NaNoWriMo begins!

So here’s my obligatory introductory snippet of novel.  It’s going to be a fantasy called Silverwings, a bit low-magic with some thought behind it.  I may make it YA friendly.


Verity looked up, starting to shade her eyes before she realized that was silly. Whatever the thing was above her, it sounded like a huge version of Squawk, the raven.  Like wings, only impossibly large. She startled, realizing what that could mean, and slipped into the trees. She didn’t think it could be a dragon – they weren’t common here, and this wasn’t a known hunting ground. Still, if it was a dragon, she wanted to be able to get away. Maybe if it was a big one it wouldn’t be able to get through the trees very well.

Once deep into the bushes surrounding the Berrywood, Verity looked back for a moment. A whinny, high and frightened, met her ears. Is it a giant bird, perhaps, with a poor horse in its talons? she wondered to herself, panic rising. If it is, I have to find some way to help it… Maybe if I cast a light spell on it’s eyes… Half formed visions of giant horse-eating owls dissipated when she saw what was heading toward the clearing.

There was, indeed, a horse. A fine looking horse, colored silver-white, with an arching neck, a noble looking face with a delicate muzzle, flowing mane and tail, and long, slender looking legs that were caked with mud. It was descending, carried on a pair of huge white wings that looked like they belonged to the biggest hawk who ever lived. The horse whinnied shrilly and landed in the clearing. Still amazed, Verity noted that she was a mare.

There, she looked about her, nostrils flared, her neck and sides lathered. She rustled and folded her wings to her sides, blowing and puffing. Her tail swished in agitation and her ears were swiveling in all directions. There were the unmistakable signs of rope burns about the curving neck and graceful legs.

Verity paused a moment, stunned by the sight. This was the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen. She had the finest attributes of horse and bird, but she was also obviously afraid and in need of a friend. What should I do? Verity wondered. Did she run away from somewhere? And why? Then she saw the lash-marks on the mare’s back and flanks, deeper than the rope burns. Looking more closely, she also saw a fine silvery chain looped around her neck and shoulders, like a harness. Something glinted on it, half buried in the short fur of her muscular chest. It looked like a small stone, also set in silver. The mare didn’t wheel around to kick or run, but just stood here, still blowing, her head held low. She looked exhausted.

Emboldened and driven by compassion, Verity made a soft noise. She imitated a horse’s nicker. Here I am, she said wordlessly. Here I am. I’m not here to hurt you. Then, to show what she was, she called out quietly

“Easy there, pretty one. Easy, now. I’m coming out.”.

Heedless of the leaves sticking in her hair and clothes, Verity came out – slowly, carefully, and not meeting the mare’s eyes, but instead sharing a common direction with her. She nickered again.

The mare stayed still for a moment, then stretched her neck as far as it would go, sniffing Verity, then blowing warm breath at her. Her ears had stopped swiveling but her tail was still lashing her hocks.

Verity stepped sideways, just a bit, and let herself be sniffed. She blew a little breath back so the mare could get an idea about her. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a branch of berries and carefully extended them to the mare.

Art Exploration “Kitsune”

Cover final painting small

This is the second version of a cover painting I did for a novel I wrote.  I usually try to paint things that tell some kind of a story, but this was meant to be representational of some of the book content and hopefully somewhat intriguing to the casual viewer.

The novel was “The Dice of Fate,” a story about a young woman who was suddenly transported directly from her day job to a place that was like something from one of her roleplaying campaigns.  Early in the story, a little white Kitsune with three tails comes and helps her, and the theme of dice features prominently in the story.  Therefore, I chose to depict the kitsune, the ten sided die, and a hint of the long road she had to walk on foot to get to civilization.

I started (as usual) with the sky gradient.  The better the sky gradient, the better the foundation of the work.  Since this was acrylic, I could dispense any worry about the transparency of my layers.  With the trees I worked from dark to light, always keeping in mind that most trees have gray bark, not brown.  For highlighting, I used chalks and pencils in the final steps.

I was fairly pleased with the work.  If anyone wants to see it on the cover, feel free to click through to the link – and if anyone wants to buy it, it’s free for Kindle subscribers.  Just search the title “The Dice of Fate.”









Experimental College


What do red panties, Wrigley’s gum wrappers, typewriters, and a fish pond all have in common? Find out in this novel.

Experimental College is a cheerful, odd, and often surprising story about David Price, a Blind engineering student going to the University of Washington in the late 70s during one very special summer.. While he navigates his classes and degree program, he also meets several quirky companions, and discovers a lot about his own passions, both academic and romantic.

This story is a mix of gender role and sexual exploration combined with ruminations about life support systems, closed ecosystems, and physics. It is both cerebral and emotional and touches on some important points of psychology and sociology. It’s also a fascinating journey as young Dave Price learns more about who he really is. The story covers issues about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in a sensitive, intriguing way, as it is also a snapshot of the world of the 1970s.

This is an excerpt from the rear jacket:

“Experimental College: My summer in Serendip” is a lighthearted comedy with tragic overtones, which asks some ominous questions. Aiming at your heart, it may unexpectedly grab at your crotch but hopes to offer something to your head.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I enjoyed editing this story, and I think you’ll like reading it. The book is available at multiple outlets, $15.99 for print and $2.99 for EPUB, Mobipocket, or PDF.

Amazon recommended my own book to me!

This has actually happened twice. I bought a few fantasy novels and was delighted to see Amazon send me an email saying that because I had just bought these books, I might like to buy this other book in the same genre. And it was the novel I just published. It’s really, truly awesome to see The Dice of Fate up next to some of my favorite authors like Joel Rosenberg and William Gibson. Now if only I could write as well as they can!


Dice of Fate cover small

Click on the picture to be taken to the book… it’s free if you have a Kindle subscription!