Gay Doves

We were treated to an interesting sight today – two gay doves.  It all started with the first dove making mating displays.  He fanned his tail and wings, bobbed his head, and generally displayed all that he had to offer.  Soon another dove landed nearby and started making the same displays.

After a bit, the first dove who had been displaying got on top of the other dove – afterward there was much billing and cooing between the two.  Literally.  Then the second dove climbed on the first one.  They swapped positions back and forth for a while, all while exhibiting friendly, loving behavior to each other.

It wasn’t dominance behavior either because it was obviously consensual and unusual.  Maybe there’s a bit more going on inside their little bobble heads than I thought?  Either way, I thought that was pretty cool to see!  Besides, both doves were happy.

It seems to me that if two wild creatures in nature do something, that’s by definition natural…