Free Printable: Ink-Painting Themed Day Planner

Hi all!

I wanted to give you a gift at the start of the holidays, in thanks for reading my blog.

At my job, when I got into leadership, I found I needed a dayplanner.  However, the ones I saw in stores are either ridiculously expensive, don’t really meet my needs, or both.  Also I wanted something unique.  I opted for a bamboo and ink painting theme, something that looks good when printed in black and white.

So I created one in Publisher, using royalty-free art.  If you print it double sided, you can then use a three-hole-punch and put the pages in a binder of your choice.  I made it weekly so you can fill in your own dates.  There are three different images in this planner, so you can either choose a theme or have a variety.

I’ve found this to be a nice and simple layout and I hope you like it!

More pictures of the actual planner, in binder, will be forthcoming.

Roh Shaw Bamboo Planner