Taking the High Road

Lately things have been so incredibly frustrating.

People who I liked and thought I understood have changed so I can’t understand where they are coming from.  They are operating in a reality I cannot follow them into, a world of black and white duality, no shades of gray, and belief in concepts that are provably untrue that easily equals religious fervor.

If I talk to them, and try to gently bring them back to the world of provable reality, they fight back, tell me I’m a fool, or engage in personal attacks.  They are right, after all, and no one should try to dissuade them.

The problem is, they collectively are leading the world off a cliff.  If they would just take a breath or three, perhaps distract themselves with something analytical, and put down that Kool-Aid cup things would be better for them.  They wouldn’t have to be afraid all the time, they would be able to see that there really is hope in the world and a future if you work for it.

These are all reasons for me to take the high road – the lofty path.  These people, no matter how deluded they are, are still people.  I may have absolutely no respect for their views, I may think they are leading the world into ruin, but in and of themselves, they are still people and worthy of being treated with dignity.

So I will not respond to the ad hominem attacks, I will not allow them to twist my words.  I will take the lofty path.


via Daily Prompt: Lofty