Drive-through-fast egg sandwich

I’m always rushing out the door in the morning and many times I want a hot breakfast but don’t want to spend a half hour cooking and eating it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a small meal I could have that’s relatively balanced and I could make in less than five minutes?

Well, it is nice, because it’s totally possible, and here’s how to do it!

You will need:

1 egg

1 English muffin

1 slice of cheese, or 1/2 ounce of shredded cheese

Salt/pepper to taste

Optional:  Slice of lunch meat, hot sauce, other condiments you like

A tall container to cook the egg in that’s roughly the same diameter as the muffin.  I use a cheap plastic storage container.

A microwave and a toaster.


Split and toast the English muffin.  While it’s toasting, crack the egg in the bottom of your cooking container, add salt, pepper and/or dried herbs, and mix with fork or whisk.

Microwave egg on High for one minute.

When muffin is toasted, put cheese on bottom half.  Add your egg, which should have cooked into a fluffy disk that fits perfectly on your muffin.

Add any other toppings you want and close sandwich.  You can wrap it in foil to take with you, or eat it right there.  I like to use a whole wheat English muffin so it stays with me a little longer.

There you have it- simple, easy, can be made in less than five minutes.  That’s less time than it would take to buy something at a drive-thru.  As a tip, soak your egg-cooking container for a while, as it’s much easier to clean the egg out of it if you do.  You could also spray it with cooking spray before use.



How I fell in love with onions

This dish is so simple, yet so tasty, that I thought I’d share it. I first had it when I started really studying Russian culture and cuisine. My partner has been there and she let me know how to make it. You might really like this, so try it just once.

You will need:

A loaf of black rye bread. A skinny cocktail loaf is fine. Bonus if it’s home made.

An onion.bread-1480741_640

Can use a white, yellow or red,

or a Walla Walla Sweet

if you don’t like heat.

Butter or equivalent.

Dill weed,  salt.


First, peel and chop your onion. About half inch cubes is best but this doesn’t have to be exact.

Take the chopped onion and put it in a bowl with a little salt and dill weed. Shake it around and let it meld in the fridge a bit. Kosher salt is good for this.

Then, slice the black bread – about normal thickness – and butter it.

Heap on your onion.

Eat! This little appetizer can make a substantial part of a meal and it’s not bad for you. The flavors meld nicely and the onion isn’t as hot as it would be otherwise.  The butter adds richness to the bread and the dill adds complexity and tempering to the onion.