Thank you, Readers! Giveaway Time.

Thank you, everyone, I just broke my old record for views – and tripled it!  I want to show my appreciation.

This weekend I am hosting a giveaway of all three of my main books.  From October 21-23 you can go to Amazon and download them, absolutely free!  Re-post, feature or reblog if you are interested.  I’m also running a giveaway for my latest book.  Three paperback copies are being given away over at Goodreads.

Go to, main page, for the hard copy giveaway.


Available for the eBook giveaway, October 21-23:


Dice of Fate cover small
The Dice of Fate
How to P!ss Off The Customers


Purple Dragon 4 brightened
Quests of the Avatar
Seeking Virtue in the Modern World
Info for all books can be found at
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