The Unseen Cat

I am completely unseen, she thinks.

I am Cat, finest predator the world has ever seen.

Pound for pound I am the strongest mammal in the world.

I can run thirty miles an hour, I have ears good enough that scientists have copied their shape when making new antennae, my bite is dangerous enough you should see a doctor if I sink fang very deeply into you, and I can see  in the darkest of night conditions.

Ancient civilizations worshiped me, and even after they stopped seeing me as a Goddess, they still saw me as a member of the family.

I am not really domesticated, still mostly wild, and I choose who I will love and who I will not.

Here I am, stalking the backyard Savannah, seeking prey.

Mom calls me Baby Bobcat.

I am Cat, and I am unseen.




(The cat in the picture is a semi-feral tabby named Saia.  She really does think she’s a baby bobcat.  Picture taken by Lenore Plassman, who can be found writing over at the Creative Fancy site.)


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Is your cat missing? They may be off to Nekotopia


Have you ever wondered why your cat tries to get into the most unlikely holes? Crawls into boxes? Lifts up blankets to see what’s there and then immediately comes out again? I caught up with a talkative tabby and learned the real reason.

These adventurous cats are trying to find the entrance into Nekotopia.

Nekotopia is a fabulous place that caters to the fondest desires of all cats. Here, you will find meadows of plush carpet, bacon flavored birds, cheese flavored mice, and forests of scratching posts. All the canned food is a special blend that subtly changes its flavor with every bite.

All the Two-Leggeds are permanently set to their Lap Available mode, and hands are always available for petting. There are special Two-Leggeds with wide shoulders so especially lazy cats can ride around on them. Fresh kibble is dispensed regularly in a variety of flavors. Fountains provide constant water and are also available in hot and cold running lactose free milk.

Nekotopia is indeed wonderful, every flower bed is a litter box, every garden grows catnip and wheat grass. All the dogs are small and easy to chase. There are pillow bushes and cushions grow in the ground like mushrooms. The sun shines in a latticed pattern to provide lovely Sunbeams. FIsh tanks dot the landscape for feline amusement.

And, as your cat might tell you if you feed them enough catnip, it’s just on the other side of that kitty cave.


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Convincing one cat to eat with relish

It can be pretty hard to convince my cat to eat.

She has this habit of liking a food, eating happily for a few days to a few weeks, then deciding she hates it.

Lately, this even happened with her favorite type of treats!

Mixing a little Meow Mix kibble with a bit of water seems to be the best thing that she’ll reliably eat but that she eventually get tired of that too.

Interspersing this with Sheba pate seems to have the best effect but not even that is a guarantee.

We’ve tried so many things!  All kinds of Friskies, even the odd flavors like cod with cheese and bacon.  Meat only foods.  Grain free foods.  Organic foods.  Broths.  Bisques. Purees.  Bits.  We’ve tried it in a blender because we know she has trouble with her teeth.  We’ve tried it in single use cans so it’s not too cold to smell.  We’ve tried withholding food for a short time to let her get hungry.  Not for more than part of a day, of course – it’s bad for cats to fast.

In the final analysis – what do I catch her eating, with relish, almost every time?

A lettuce leaf.

Silly cat.


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