An ad-free Mindflight will bring us together

via Daily Prompt: Together

Every week I try to think of a way to make Mindflight better.  I’ve removed boring posts, improved the art on this blog, tightened up my prose, tried to figure out entries that would help and entertain.

Now we’ve gone ad free.  Though I might still make discreet suggestions about some really good product that people might love, that’s never going to be more than a simple link, easy to ignore.  I will have no popup ads, no WordPress ads.

No ads means no chance for adware or malware to be transmitted to your computer.   No ads means no sad pleas to shut down Adblockers.

By banishing ads from this blog, I want to serve my readers more fully and create just a little more ad free online space without auto playing sounds, videos, popups or distractions.

This content is going to stay free for anyone to read.  I’m really happy to be able to do it.  I think that we, as creators, can really do something awesome – together.  Therefore, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I hope you’ll enjoy going ad free as much as I do!