Donation e-cards for Mother’s Day

I was a bit at a loss regarding what to do for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  She may be moving in a couple years so doesn’t need more junk.  Also my shopping options are a bit more limited for obvious reasons.  So I decided to send her an e-Card.

I found that my local Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, had lovely e-Cards that could be filled out with a custom donation amount.  So I donated in her name and sent her that.

Not only are a lot of charities really hurting in this time, but different people may have challenges in getting presents or cards for the moms in their lives, so this seems like a perfect solution!  It helps someone, it brightens someones day, and in my case, it might help save a life!

You can look up “Charity e-cards” online or perhaps “Charity e-cards” plus a category like “pets” or “humane society” or “women” or something like that to narrow down the results.

Best of all, it doesn’t rely on shipping speeds or have to be handled by a person!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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